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f Optisan Binoculars Litec R II 10x34
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Optisan Binoculars Litec R II 10x34

The Optisan Lighter Litec R II 10x34 is a high-quality binoculars of the Optisan brand. This binoculars is a robust open-bin binoculars that can take a punch. The Litec R II 10x34 is a new improved version of the Litec R 10x34.
The new version has improved prism lenses, with the old version the lenses were made of BK7 glass. The new Liter R II has lenses made of the better Bak-4 barium resin glass that are coated with a double coating. These enhanced lenses provide even clearer image and higher light transmittance.

The litec R II 10x34 features a green multilayer coating (ETE Microlux coating) and is in the waterproof class. This class means that binoculars can withstand occasional exposure of water, so this binoculars can also be used in the rain. The binocular has twist-up eyepieces, so a person with glasses can also use the binocular. In the center of the bridge, the binoculars are provided with a ¼ connector so that you can place the binocular on an tripod through an binocular tripod adapter. 

Usage Litec R II 10x34

This binocular is ideal for the bird or nature enthusiast. It is a handy model with excellent clear image. The robust model can take a punch and can also be used in the rain.


  • 1x Binoculars Litec R II 10x34
  • 1x Wide strap
  • 1x Rain cover
  • 1x Objective covers
  • 1xCarrying bag (water resistant)
  • 1x Cleaning cloth
  • 1x Full color packaging

In stock

Price incl. VAT: € 129,00

Binoculars Type:HelpRoof, Binocular
Use:HelpHunting, Sports, Traveling, Bird spotting, Watersports
Exit pupil:Help4,2 mm
Lenscoating:HelpMulti Coated Green Optics
Prism Type:HelpBK-7
Weight:Help595 gr
Light transmission:Help17,6
Twilight factor:Help20,5
Field of view at 1000m:Help89 m
Close focus distance:Help4,1 m
Gas filled/waterproof:HelpYes
Waterproof:HelpJIS6 Waterproof
Twistup Eyecups:HelpYes
Tripod mount:HelpNo
Warranty:Help2 years

Logo OptisanOptisan: "Optics" + "San"

Optisan originates from the words "Optics" and "San". In Japan, to be called "San" means: one needs to be involved in a particular field with conducts being esteemed, respectful and professional. "Optisan" is created for people demanding good quality optics at affordable prices. That’s why their slogan is: western experience + Japanese technology + Taiwanese creativity. The synergy of collaboration between field experience and manufacturing capability has led Optisan to many patents for practical optics resulting in a continuous introduction of new products with remarkable features such as sharp image and stylish appearance.

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