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f Triggertrap Phonetrap TT-TRAP Smartphone Adapter
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Triggertrap Phonetrap TT-TRAP Smartphone Adapter

The Triggertrap Phonetrap TT-TRAP Smartphone Adapter is a universal Smartphone Adapter, which can be used to mount your smartphone on top of your camera. The TT-TRAP has specifically been designed to be used in conjunction with the Triggertrap Dongle. The TT-TRAP is suitable for all smartphones between 5.5 and 8.5 cm wide, such as Apple iPhone, Samsung and HTC, and the phone is simply clamped into the adapter.

Specifications of the Triggertrap Phonetrap TT-TRAP Smartphone Adapter

A standard hotshoe socket is located on the bottom of the adapter and is suitable for all cameras except Sony/Minolta. If you wish to use the TT-TRAP on a Sony/Minolta camera, the Pixel TF-325 hotshoe adapter can be used and is available in the optional accessories tab below. The hotshoe adapter can be unscrewed from the adapter, enabling it to be mounted on a ¼” male thread such as on the top of a light stand.

- Suitable for smartphones between 5.5cm and 8.5cm (3.5”) wide
- Standard hotshoe connection
- ¼” female connecter on the bottom


  • TT-TRAP adapter

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Creative ways of triggering your camera!

The company Triggertrap was founded in 2011 through crowd funding. The English company offers a wide range of intelligent solutions to connect your smartphone with your (D)SLR.

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