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f Byomic Preparates 5 Pieces Set NR4
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Byomic Preparates 5 Pieces Set NR4

Byomic has ten different sets containing five specimen. This is set number 4.

The ten different sets with each five different specimen consist of:
Set 1: Lris Root c.s, Melosls, Prophase of Lily Anther c.s, Corn Leaf c.s, Sunken Plant Leaf c.s, Triticum Aestivum Pollen Grains, w.m
Set 2: Ligustrum lucidum Leaf c.s, Nicotiana Tabacum stem 1.s, Helianthus stem c.s, Triticum Aestivum Leaf c.s, Pine Leaf c.s
Set 3: Honey Bee stinger w.m, Pine stem, c.s, Helianthus Young stem s.c, Honey Bee Mounth Parts w.m, Frog skin sec
Set 4: Daphnia w.m, Helianthus Root, c.s, Tilia, three year stem, c.s, Rhizopus nigricans, w.m, Lichen, sec
Set 5: Tilia.one Year stem c.s, Tilia Perennial stem c.s, Corn Root Tip, 1.s, Oryza Sativa Leaf c.s Capsella Young Embryo. sec
Set 6: Triticum Aestivum Stem c.s, Lily Anther, c.s, Corn Seed, 1.s, Pollen Germination, w.m, Cucurbita stem, 1.s
Set 7: Yeast, w.m, Penicillium, w.m, Butterfly wings w.m, Spirogyra Vegetative mass, w.m, Lily Ovary, c.s
Set 8: Human Blood smear, Epidermis onion w.m, Vicia Faba stoma, w.m, Corn Root c.s, Earthpea stem c.s
Set 9: House Fly leg w.m, Triticum Aestivum stoma, w.m, Earthpea root c.s, Jasminum Nudiflorum Leaf, c.s, Corn stem c.s
Set 10: Large Vein c.s, Earthworm c.s, Mosquito Female Mouth Parts, w.m, Onion Root Tip l.s, Mouth epithelium w.m

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Byomic offers telescopes and microscopes for both the novice astronomer and researcher as for the more advanced researcher. In the wide range of lenses are telescopes, mirror telescopes, micrsocopen biological and stereo microscopes.

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