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f Konus Rangefinder Konusrange-1500
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Konus Rangefinder Konusrange-1500

Attention! This is a showroom model however, this does not affect the functionality of the product.

The Konus Rangefinder Range-1500 is a telemeter in the range of Konus. The Konusrange is easy to operate by using the two buttons on the side of the unit. The Konusrange-1500 measures the distance of objects from 10 to 1500 meters and can also measure distance at an angle. The diopter can be focused by turning eyepiecewheel until you see a sharp image. By pressing the button on the side of the device called "Mode" you can easily change your mode. You can choose between 5 different modes:

  • Mode 1 is the default mode in which the device is activated, in this mode, no additional information is displayed except for the measured distance.
  • Mode 2 can also be usedto  measured distance, but now there is more information in the screen.
  • Mode 3 indicates the height of the object on which the object is located
  • Mode 4 displays the angle on which the object is located, starting from the baseline.
  • Mode 5 is the scan mode, during this mode u hold the "Adjust" button to continuously measure the distance while moving.



  • Konus Rangefinder Konusrange-1500
  • Storage bag
  • Full Color gift box
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • CR2-DC3V battery
  • Multi-language manual

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Article number:Help8004009
Product type:HelpOther optical
State:HelpGood as new
Warranty:Help6 months

Konus LogoThe Italian company Konus has been delivering product since 1979 for both hobbyist and professional users. The products are of high quality and have a very complete finish. Additionally Konus offers excellent service.

Konus has a wide range of products that will surely complement your own assortment. Konus has developed a great brand awareness among all consumers. Whether the customer is looking for a product for hunting, bird spotting, research, astronomy, science or sport, Konus always offers the right product. Moreover, because of Konus' various accessories, giving consumers the products can be used for multiple purposes.

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