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f Mode360 Accessory Set for FA40 Composer
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Mode360 Accessory Set for FA40 Composer

By uploading 360° images, the customer can view all sides of the product. This provides the customer with a realistic and detailed impression of the product.

The Mode360 Accessory Set is an accessory set suitable for the Mode360 FA40 Composer Photo Studio. The Accessory Set is designed to better photograph products with a maximum dimension of 15 x 15 x 15 cm such as jewelry, watches, perfume, cosmetics, pens, electronics and much more.


With the appropriate accessories, such images can be placed online in just a few minutes. Before photographing your products, they must first be cleaned to reduce the likelihood of fingerprints etc. being visible in your photos. Jewelry, for example, is a product that is almost impossible to touch without leaving fingerprints behind. The included cotton gloves enable you to clean the items, without leaving any dust or finger prints and ensures that your products can be photographed without traces of fingerprints being left behind. The Accessory Set is also supplied with a special wax, which removes the reflection without removing the shine or sparkle of the product. Further, to enhance the focus on an object, it is essential that a solid white, grey or black background is used. The included black, white and grey floor and wall backgrounds are therefore essential to effectively photograph your objects. To protect the FA40 Composer against dust and other harmful stuff comes this set with a protective cover.


  • Transparent Wax For Rings
  • Chains And Earings Holder Black 15x12 cm
  • Earings Holder Clear 6x8 cm
  • Chain and Earings Holder Clear 20x20 cm
  • Cotton gloves (3 Pairs)
  • Ring Holder
  • Black Background For Photo Composer
  • Turntable For Photo composer Double Sided Black & Aluminum
  • Turntable for Photo Composer White
  • Cover for Photo Composer FA40/M90

This item is supplied on demand. Contact us for the delivery time.
Contact us for the delivery time.

Price incl. VAT: € 485,00

Article number:Help291640

Mode360°: 360 degrees photography for everybody!

Mode360 is a young company devoted to 360 degrees-photography. The high end equipment is easy to use and comes with robust rendering software.

Mode360 develops innovative photography products and continues to improve them. With a relatively small investment, you can produce high quality 360-degrees-renderings of products and show these in your webshop.

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