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f Mode360 Jumbo Photostudio FA90 V3 Premium Plus
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Mode360 Jumbo Photostudio FA90 V3 Premium Plus

The Jumbo V3 is the most advanced 360 degree solution Mode360 has ever created. This complete photo studio makes it easier than ever to take the most professional shots. From stand-alone packshots to 360 degree 3D objects, you can make them in a jiffy. The built-in lighting, fully automatic turntable and intuitive software work together perfectly.

Usage Jumbo V3

If you want to capture a large number of products in the highest quality, the Jumbo V3 is indispensable. If you have your own web shop, you want to show potential customers a product in as much detail as possible. This increases the willingness to buy and reduces the number of return requests. Because a customer can view the product with razor-sharp precision and from all sides, it is as if he already had it in his hands. Experience from other Jumbo owners shows that the investment is often quickly recouped.

Combo vs. Jumbo

The Combo and Jumbo are largely the same, yet the Jumbo offers some extras. For example, larger and heavier products can be captured. Both the Combo and Jumbo are able to take the same high quality photos and are controlled with the same software.

You can read in detail about all the unique properties below:

Renewed Automatic Background Removal algorithm

When you place a product photo online, you want it to be displayed "floating". This ensures that all attention is focused on the product and that visitors are not distracted. Especially for the Jumbo V3, Mode360 has released an enhanced BGR feature. A complex algorithm recognizes objects and causes the background to disappear. Even with fine structures, such as fluffy fabric, this usually gives a good result.

High-end technique

For all facets of the Jumbo V3 is focused on the best end result. On the turntable of Ø 90 cm you can place objects up to 50 x 50 x 70 cm (D x W x H). The maximum weight of 35 kg is more than sufficient for a wide range of products. The adjustable LED panels have a minimum CRI value of 95. In the software you can easily adjust the brightness individually. Due to their elongated shape, the LED panels provide uniform illumination and natural reflection.

3D arm

You place the camera on the robust 3D arm. For larger objects, the 3D arm can be pushed 50 cm out of the Jumbo V3 (see photo). This makes it possible to capture objects with a height of up to 70 cm. You can also adjust the height and angle of the camera to capture the product in exactly the right position.

Built-in laser

When taking a 360 shot, it is important that the object is positioned exactly in the center. A built-in laser system will help you with this. With the press of a button an illuminated cross appears. You can operate the laser function of the Jumbo V3 both from the software and with a physical button on the device.

Solid construction with undercarriage

When you first see the Jumbo V3, you will notice one thing: its high construction quality. The metal frame consists of wide beams, which have a matt finish. Compared to the Jumbo V2, the base of the Jumbo V3 is firmer, which ensures a higher reliability. It prevents unwanted vibrations that can affect the quality of the photo. The included chassis ensures that you use the Jumbo V3 at a comfortable working height. Built-in castors and extendable legs ensure good manoeuvrability. Software


With the Jumbo V3 we offer ModeVid's Premium Plus software, which includes features such as automatic background removal and video mode. The software is updated for three years, after which you can optionally order an extension. With the ModeVid software, you operate the camera (Canon EOS) and the turntable and lighting are controlled. There is also the focus stacking option: the software takes multiple photos with an adjusted focus point. After this, the photos are automatically combined into one photo, which is razor-sharp from front to back.

Warranty, on-site delivery and installation

After ordering the Jumbo V3 we will contact you directly to make an appointment. The Jumbo V3 will be installed without extra charge at any location in the Netherlands. Are you located abroad? Please contact us for the possibilities. The Jumbo V3 comes with a three-year warranty.

You can use ModeVid with the cameras below.

If your camera is not in the list, it may still work with ModeVid. However, certain functions may not work (properly). Please contact us for the details about your camera.


  • 1x Jumbo FA90 V3
  • 1x Chassis
  • 1x ModeVid Premium Plus software
  • 1x Power cable
  • 1x USB cable

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Article number:Help291614
Dimensions:HelpW104×L146×H110 cm
Weight:Help112 kg
Power supply:HelpNetzstrom
Lighting source:HelpLED
Max. central weight:Help35 kg
Turntable:HelpØ 90 cm

Mode360°: 360 degrees photography for everybody!

Mode360 is a young company devoted to 360 degrees-photography. The high end equipment is easy to use and comes with robust rendering software.

Mode360 develops innovative photography products and continues to improve them. With a relatively small investment, you can produce high quality 360-degrees-renderings of products and show these in your webshop.

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