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f Mode360 Twister Fashion with Turntable 120 cm
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Mode360 Twister Fashion with Turntable 120 cm

The second generation Twister is capable of safely capturing models in 360 degrees. You can also use the Twister Fashion for products up to 200 kg. You connect the Twister Fashion and a suitable Canon camera (see below) to a Windows or MacOS computer, after which the Twister and the camera are controlled fully automatically by the supplied ModeVid software. You can easily take pictures of all sides of the model, with the Twister moving very smoothly.

How does it work exactly?

You place a model or product of your choice on the white turntable of Ø 120 cm. The turntable of the Twister Fashion comes with a support for the outer part of the turntable. The turntable rests on the Twister Fashion, a housing containing, among other things, a special electric motor. You place a white background behind the Twister Fashion so that the white turntable (the base) flows beautifully into the background. You also make sure that the model and the background are nicely lit with flash or continuous lighting. If you already have an equipped studio, the Twister can be used in many cases. If you don't have backgrounds and lighting at home yet, we refer you to the standard set, which you can find at the optional accessories. Please contact us for a customized lighting solution.

ModeVid Software

In the supplied software you choose the number of angles from which you want to take photos. The photos are automatically stored in a folder on your computer. For example, you can choose to take four photos: the model will then automatically be photographed from the front, left side, back and right side. Of course you can also take one single photo or capture a model from, say, 36, 50 or 100 angles. From this, the software makes a 360 degree spin, which can be interactively operated by your client on your website. The ModeVid software has many more features; you can create presets, crop all photos at once or adjust the color of a dress for example. If you have specific requirements, please feel free to contact us for the possibilities.

What can I use the Twister Fashion for?

In addition to models, products weighing up to 200 kg are suitable. You can think of furniture, bicycles, white goods and all other similar products. The height of a product is not important, as long as the white background is higher. In terms of weight there are some restrictions; for example, an object weighing 150+ kg may have a maximum diameter of 60 cm and a product weighing 100+ kg may have a maximum diameter of 120 cm. You will find a complete overview of the weight distribution in the diagram below:

Application Twister Fashion

When you want to capture models safely in 360 degrees, with full control over the light, background and further surroundings, the Twister Fashion is the ultimate solution. The universal 360-html file is suitable for almost all websites. There is also a special plugin available for Wordpress websites (WooCommerce). With other solutions from Mode360, the light is controlled from the software and you take advantage of automatic background removal. With the Twister Fashion you take care of a well-lit photo yourself. Compared to the normal Twister V2, the Fashion has a special motor, which accelerates and decelerates very smoothly. In addition, the turntable has an extra coating that provides extra grip for the model.

ModeVid Premium

A basic version of ModeVid is supplied as standard. Optionally you can purchase ModeVid Premium. This version of the software is more advanced and offers, among other things, a video mode. See the details of ModeVid Premium under optional accessories.

Compatible ModeVid Cameras

You can use ModeVid with the cameras listed below. If your camera is not listed, it may still be able to work with ModeVid. Please contact us for your camera's capabilities.

System requirements Twister Fashion

To control the Twister Fsahion, you need to use ModeVid. This program is available for Windows 7, 8 and 10 (64 bit). For macOS, use Sierra (10.12) or higher. The computer should also have an i3 processor or higher, at least 8 GB of working memory and at least 3 usb 2.0 ports. An SSD drive is strongly recommended.


  • 1x Twister v2
  • 1x 120 cm turntable
  • 1x Stand
  • 1x Power cable
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x ModeVid Basic

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Expected delivery time: 2 weeks
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Price incl. VAT: € 0,00

Article number:Help291627
Dimensions:Help42 x 42 x 16 cm
Weight:Help16.4 kg
Power supply:HelpWall power
Max. central weight:Help200 kg
Turntable:Help120 cm
Attachment:PDF bestandDownload twister v2 fashion

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Mode360 develops innovative photography products and continues to improve them. With a relatively small investment, you can produce high quality 360-degrees-renderings of products and show these in your webshop.

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