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f Energizer Hearing Aid Batteries Size 675 600mAh (6x 4 Pieces)
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Energizer Hearing Aid Batteries Size 675 600mAh (6x 4 Pieces)

Energizer Hearing Aid Batteries (type 675) are durable, powerful batteries for your hearing aid. This "blue battery" is designed to ensure reliable sound quality from your hearing aid and to prevent moisture build-up that could affect battery life. The batteries have a capacity of 600mAh and therefore last a very long time.

Anyone who uses a hearing aid with batteries knows that it is disastrous for the batteries if they are left loose in a bag or drawer. With Energizer, you don't have to worry about that: the batteries are all packed in a handy blister. You can easily take out one at a time and close the packaging, so that the other batteries remain safely stored. Each battery has an extra long tab, making it easy to insert into the hearing aid. Unopened, the batteries have a shelf life of at least four years.

Battery color and size

Energizer has adopted the industry standard color-coding system to make it easier to know what size battery you need. Therefore, the battery you are looking at now is known as the blue battery. When you get your hearing aid, simply ask which color corresponds to the right battery. Below are the color codes:

Blue: size 675 (PR44)
Yellow: size 10 (PR7)
Orange: size 13 (PR48)
Brown: size312 (PR41)

Are you curious about all the technical specifications of this battery? Then check out the datasheet in the attachment below.

Application Energizer Hearing Aid Batteries Size 675

This Energizer battery is indispensable if you want a reliable, long-lasting battery for your hearing aid. Each battery is easy to place in your device. You activate the battery by removing the tab, wait one minute to fully activate the battery and then close the hearing aid door.

This item is a full box with 6 blister packs of 4 pieces, so you will receive 24 batteries in total.


  • 6x Blister with 4 pieces of Energizer Hearing Aid Batteries Size 675 (Blue) 600mAh

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Price incl. VAT: € 41,95

Article number:Help390100
Product type:HelpHearing aid battery
Application:HelpHearing aid
Battery capacity:Help600mAh
Attachment:PDF bestandDownload 675

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The Energizer brand has been around for over 100 years and is the largest battery manufacturer in the world, with its own factories in the United States and Japan, among others. Energizer stands for batteries with a maximum lifespan and reliability. This ensures that Energizer batteries really last much longer than similar batteries from other brands in the market. Energizer also offers a 100% anti-leakage guarantee on selected series. In addition, Energizer stands for durability. For example, batteries from selected series consist largely of recycled materials. All batteries have a guaranteed shelf life of 10 to 20 years and are resistant to extreme temperature differences. 

In short, if you are looking for a battery that can perform consistently and for a long time under all circumstances, then Energizer is an excellent choice.

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-Max Plus (Alkaline)

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