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f Pixel Battery Grip E20 for Canon 5D Mark IV
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Pixel Battery Grip E20 for Canon 5D Mark IV

The Vertax E20 from Pixel is a battery grip, which is especially developed for your Canon 5D Mark IV. You can insert one or two LP-E6(N) batteries into the battery grip, to power the 5D Mark IV with a single or double capacity. Next to that, the Vertax E20 offers multiple extra buttons, which contributes to an ergonomic operation. For example the Vertax E20 does have a focus/shutter button, main dial, multiple AF-buttons, multi controller, exposure lock and on/off button.

Usage Vertax E20


The Vertax E20 is a great accessory for your Canon 5D Mark IV, when you want an extended battery capacity, better grip and optimal operation while shooting vertical images. For an example, think about portrait photos.

Vertax E20 in practice


You can connect the Vertax E20 onto the bottom side of your camera, with the 1/4 inch screw thread and related turn knob. After that, you place the batteries into the Vertax E20 and turn the switch to 'on'. To protect your camera and battery grip, you can attach a neck strap to the mounting bracket (see optional accessories). When shooting vertical images, you now have access to extra buttons. This prevents you to turn your hand 90 degrees.


  • 1x E20 battery grip
  • 1x Manual
  • 1x Packaging

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Price incl. VAT: € 119,00

Article number:Help3939126
Suitable for:HelpCanon
Dimensions (mm):Help150 x 85 x 117 mm
Weight (gr):Help332 gram (without batteries)

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Pixel contole!

 Pixel is a Hong Kong-based manufacturer of camera accessories such as triggers and remote controls. Pixel develops and manufactures all its products from scratch. This makes the products work to perfection.


The range of pixel includes accessories for the best selling brands in the market such as Sony, Canon, Nikon, Pentax and Olympus. They continue to develop their products continuously to always ensure excellent and affordable products in a rapidly changing market.

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