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f Kowa Binocular Tripod Adapter KB2-MT
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Kowa Binocular Tripod Adapter KB2-MT

The Kowa Binoculars Tripod Adapter KB2-MT is the improved successor to the KB1-MT. With the Kowa KB2-MT Binoculars Tripod Adapter you can quickly and easily attach your binoculars to a tripod or something similar by simply screwing it into the standard attachment socket on the front of the bridge hinge of your binoculars. The slim mounting screw is designed to fit easily between the optical tubes of the binoculars and gives access to the full range of adjustment of the binoculars on most medium to large models. The adapter base has a ¼" jack for mounting on most tripods or quick release plates. The Kowa KB2-MT is made of a lightweight and durable aluminum alloy and features a scratch and corrosion-resistant anodized finish to protect the tripod adapter.

You can connect the Kowa Binoculars Tripod Adapter KB2-MT to binoculars that have a ¼" connector on the front, like among others:

  • Genesis XD 33
  • SVII

Please note that the KB2-MT is not compatible with GENESIS 44, GENESIS 22, BD25, SV25 and YF binocular models.

Application Kowa Binoculars Tripod Adapter KB2-MT

By using the Kowa Binoculars Tripod Adapter KB2-MT it is possible to easily mount your Kowa binoculars on a (window) tripod. Because all vibrations are now reduced to a minimum, an even finer image is created when you look through your Kowa binoculars than when you hold them yourself.



  • 1x Kowa Binoculars Tripod Adapter KB2-MT
  • 1x Imbus wrench

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Price incl. VAT: € 29,95

Item Number:Help441047
Type:HelpTripod adapter

Unique in the optics world!


The Japanese Kowa has been long known in the optics world. The brand produces binoculars and spotting scopes from the highest quality. Kowa can match the best brands in the market very well and is regularly tested in various journals.


Clear and bright

Kowa scopes and viewers are ideal for the most demanding users. The strongest light, detail and clarity are very good. There are also various accessories available such as stay-on bags, camera adapters and eyepieces.

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