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f Vortex Tripod Pro Car Window Mount
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Vortex Tripod Pro Car Window Mount

The Vortex Tripod Pro Car Window Mount is a sleek, lightweight support for your binoculars and/or spotting scope. It turns any vehicle into the ultimate mobile spotting unit. Using the window tripod, you mount your binoculars, spotting scope as well as a still or video camera on the edge of your car window when open. The inside of the clamp is covered with rubber and prevents damage to your car and window. Because the tripod has a 2-way head, the window tripod can be moved both horizontally and vertically. The intuitive controls make it easy to maneuver your optics and easily track your objects to be observed.

Unlike the Vortex Tripod Sport Car Window Mount, this tripod features an ARCA-SWISS mount with ¼" thread the tripod is compatible in a wide range of mounting options. If you wish to mount your binoculars you will need to use a tripod adapter, these can be found in the optional accessories. By the way, when using binoculars it is recommended to use the lever on the objective side.

Application Vortex Tripod Pro Car Window Mount

You attach your optics simply by means of the ARCA-SWISS mounting which is provided with ¼" screw thread. Then you place the whole on the window tripod when it is slid onto your window and tightened with the knob. Now you can turn the handle counterclockwise to move your optic left and right as well as up and down to observe the subject. When you turn the lever clockwise you fix that position. If you regularly want to make observations from your vehicle, this window tripod is ideal, your optics are quickly mounted after which you are immediately able to make observations.

Unlimited Lifetime VIP Warranty

VIP stands for a Very Important Promise to you, our customer. Your Vortex® product will be repaired in the event that it becomes defective. If repair is not possible it will be replaced with a product that is in perfect working order and in equal or better physical condition.
The VIP warranty does not cover loss, theft, intentional damage or cosmetic damage that does not interfere with the performance of the product.



  • 1x Vortex Tripod Pro Car Window Mount
  • 1x Quick start guide
  • 1x Full-color packaging

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Price incl. VAT: € 109,00

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The American enterprise VORTEX is a name truly familiar to everyone: from hunters to airsofters and birders to tactical users. Vortex's assortment includes binoculars, spotting scopes, rifle scopes and red dots from the high- and mid-range segments. Besides pure quality, Vortex offers even more unique: VIP warranty. This means that BENEL can offer every Vortex user a lifetime unconditional warranty. So you are assured of an ultimate product, an investment for the rest of your life.





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