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f Kowa Binoculars Genesis Prominar 33 XD 10x33
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Kowa Binoculars Genesis Prominar 33 XD 10x33

The Kowa Genesis PROMINAR XD 10x33 is equipped with Kowa's legendary XD lenses. This allows you to experience razor sharp images with natural colours, a high contrast and breathtaking details that are virtually free of chromatic aberration (colour deviations). The prism system of the Genesis PROMINAR delivers a wide field of view and edge-to-edge sharpness with minimal loss of light, even in low light the XD 10x33 provides an immersive experience of your surroundings.

The ultra-compact format ensures that you can take the Kowa Genesis PROMINAR everywhere you go. The magnesium alloy body gives the binoculars the resistance of metal and at the same time the binoculars are extremely lightweight. The binoculars are completely waterproof and filled with dry nitrogen to prevent fogging. A strong rubber armouring makes the Kowa Genesis an extremely durable and reliable pair of binoculars, even in the toughest conditions. Guaranteed performance.

An ergonomic design combined with materials that feel perfect make handling the Genesis PROMINAR a pleasure. Every detail has been considered to bring you not only a pair of binoculars with optics that provide a sublime viewing experience, but also an optical instrument housed in a streamlined non-slip body, finished with high-quality materials to enhance every moment of observation.


Because the roof prisms are treated with phase coatings and C3 coatings, the reflectivity is increased to over 99%. This results in an incredibly clear and sharp image. The Kowa Repelling technology prevents grease, liquid and dirt from accumulating on the surface, making cleaning easier. This KR technology also reduces the risk of scratches on the vulnerable lens surface, because less pressure needs to be applied to remove dirt. The Kowa Binoculars Genesis Prominar is completely waterproof and fully filled with nitrogen gas. This makes it possible for these roof prism binoculars to withstand all temperature fluctuations without the lenses fogging up on the inside.

Each Genesis Prominar model is equipped with Kowa's durable, legendary XD lenses. This high resolution ED glass contains large amounts of the mineral fluorite crystal, the best material available today for light transmission.

Kowa's lens coating technology has been developed over decades, further improving the light transmission properties of all lenses and Kowa's unique KR coating repels dirt and moisture. Enjoy sharp images with natural colours, high contrast and incredible detail, from sunrise to sunset.


Focusing is done with the ultra-sensitive focusing wheel which is easily accessible. Below the right ocular is a dioptric adjustment ring with a special groove to provide extra grip during use. This allows the binoculars to be precisely focused and adjusted for the individual user to provide a clear and sharp image. The ultra-sensitive focusing wheel allows for very accurate focusing.

Field of view

The Genesis Prominar XD 10x33 by Kowa has a large field of view with 119 metres at 1000 metres.


Besides the objective caps and eyepiece caps, the Kowa Genesis PROMINAR 33 binoculars come with a comfortable carrying strap and a water-repellent bag. This way you do not have to worry about sudden rain or being on or near water. Of course, a manual is included (English and German) and the Genesis 33 comes in a luxurious package.



It is also possible to make photo and video recordings with your smartphone. You connect the right Kowa Adapter Ring with the Kowa Smartphone adapter which is suitable for your smartphone and slide it over one eyepiece of the binoculars.
So it is possible to take high quality pictures by combining the camera of your smartphone with the quality of your Kowa binoculars. The right Adapter Ring for the Kowa Genesis Prominar 33 is the Kowa TSN-AR33GE which you can find at the optional accessories.
On the video you can see how quickly you can start digiscoping.

The smartphone adapter also offers protection against falls and bumps and can stay on your smartphone.

If there is no adapter available for your smartphone, please inform us about this. In many cases it is no problem for Kowa to develop an adapter for your smartphone.

Application Kowa Genesis PROMINAR XD 33 10x33

These gas-filled binoculars are dust- and waterproof and built to be pocket-sized, therefore these binoculars can be used for various applications. From bird watching on cycling and walking tours, to city trips and a visit to a zoo. Due to the availability of KR lens coatings, the Kowa Genesis series is easy to clean.

Kowa has really thought about every detail with these binoculars and offers you the best viewing experience with the Genesis Prominar 33, which comes in a graceful design which you will enjoy every moment during use. The Kowa Genesis Prominar XD is built to last - every part has been carefully designed to provide the ultimate viewing experience. Smooth and solid hinges, rotating eye cups and an ultra-responsive focusing wheel all enhance the binoculars' performance.


  Genesis Prominar 8x22 Genesis Prominar 10x22 Genesis Prominar 8x33 Genesis Prominar 10x33 Genesis Prominar 8,5x44 Genesis Prominar 10,5x44
Magnification 8x 10x 8x 10x 8,5x 10,5x
Ø Objective 22mm 22mm 33mm 33mm 44mm 44mm
Close focus distance 1,5m 1,5m 1,5m 1,5m 1,7m 1,7m
Field of view (°) 7,5° 6,0° 8,0° 6,8° 7,0° 6,2°
Exit pupil 2,8mm 2,2mm 4,1mm 3,3mm 5,2mm 4,2mm
Light transmission 7,6 4,8 16,8 10,9 27,0 17,6
Twilight factor 13,3 14,8 16,4 18,2 19,3 21,5
Eye relief 15,0mm 15,0mm 15,0mm 15,0mm 18,5mm 16,0mm
Interpupillary Distance 35 ~ 72mm 35 ~ 72mm 56 ~ 73mm 56 ~ 73mm 59 ~ 72mm 59 ~ 72mm
Field of view /1000m 131m 105m 140m 119m 122m 108m
Length 105mm 105mm 133mm 133mm 165mm 165mm
Width 112mm 112mm 126mm 126mm 138mm 138mm
Height 43mm 43mm 51mm 51mm 64mm 64mm
Weight 315g 325g 590g 590g 940g 960g




  • 1x Kowa Genesis Prominar XD 10x33
  • 1x Carrying bag
  • 1x Neoprene strap
  • 2x Objective cover
  • 2x Eyepiececover
  • 1x Cleaning cloth
  • 1x Luxury packaging

In stock

Price incl. VAT: € 1.249,00

Binoculars Type:HelpRoof, Binocular
Use:HelpTraveling, Bird spotting, Insect/Butterfly
Exit pupil:Help3.3 mm
Lenscoating:HelpC3 + KR Coating
Prism Type:HelpBaK-4
Dimensions:Help133 x 126 x 51 mm
Weight:Help590 grammes
Light transmission:Help10.9
Twilight factor:Help18.2
Field of view at 1000m:Help119 m
Close focus distance:Help1.5 m
Coating:HelpPhase coating
Diameter Objective:Help33 mm
Gas filled/waterproof:HelpYes
Focus mechanism:Help Central diopter mechanism
Twistup Eyecups:HelpYes
Tripod mount:HelpNo
Warranty:Help10 years

Anyone looking for pure quality cannot ignore KOWA. With a range of binoculars and spotting scopes from the absolute top segment, Kowa offers everything for the demanding birder and nature lover. With XD lenses to full fluorite crystal lenses, Kowa binoculars have unprecedented clarity, detail reproduction and edge-to-edge sharpness. With numerous digiscoping solutions, it is also easier than ever to take photos with your smartphone or camera while using your binoculars or spotting scope as a telephoto lens.






KOWA in short:

• Absolute top-quality binoculars and spotting scopes
• 100% fluorite-crystal lenses on flagship models
• Easy digiscoping: taking pictures through the scope with your camera or smartphone
• The brand for birdwatchers, nature lovers, astronomers, plane spotters and researchers
• We offer a 10-year warranty on Kowa products

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Flagship dealers

In the Netherlands BENEL has several KOWA Flagship Dealers. In the stores of these Flagship Dealers you can go for your Kowa binoculars, spotting scopes and digiscoping solutions. They offer the opportunity to test or view the products and can also provide you with the best advice for the purchase of a Kowa binocular or accessory.

Check out here all our Kowa Flagship Dealers from Holland.

Kowa ambassador

Bird watcher Ariaan is the ambassador of Kowa in the Netherlands. Ariaan has been a bird spotter for over 30 years. Over all those years, he has seen more than 200 species of birds. During the bird excursions that Ariaan offers, you can literally see them fly! You'll learn everything about birds at the most beautiful locations. And you'll see them from very near, thanks to Kowa's optics. With the spotting scopes and binoculars, Ariaan and his students observe even the tiniest details.