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f Micnova Shoulder Strap MQ-NS7
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Micnova Shoulder Strap MQ-NS7

The Micnova MQ-NS7 is a comfortable shoulder strap with an extra wide soft touch. Traditional neck tires, which come standard with a camera, will eventually cause irritation. The MQ-NS7 prevents these complaints. First, the placement is different: where you usually load your neck, the weight is now hanging on your shoulder. Due to the wider tire, the weight is distributed more and the foam material allows for dampening while moving.

Usage MQ-NS7

Every photographer who is regularly on his way to taking pictures will experience comfort and ease in changing the standard neckband by the MQ-NS7. Especially on long days, during weddings, as an incident photographer or in photoshoots, the MQ-NS7 is a must-have.


  • 1x Shoulder strap

In stock

Price incl. VAT: € 19,95

Article number:Help299477
Brand:HelpBenel Photo
Dimensions:Help178 cm
Weight:Help185 g

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