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f Miops Flash Adapter TT-FA2 for Speedlite Flash Guns
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Miops Flash Adapter TT-FA2 for Speedlite Flash Guns

The Mobile Flash kit from Miops contains a flash adapter and a 3.5mm cable, which offers new possibilities to create unique photos. You can mount your studio flash or external camera flash onto the flash adapter and connect them to your smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android) with the 3.5mm cable and a mobile dongle (not included). With the Miops Mobile app you can trigger your flash based on, for example, sound, vibration, movement, traveled distance or a set delay. When you want to use your studio flash, you need a sync-cable. You can view all compatible cables at the optional accessories tab.

Usage Mobile Flash kit

When you want to capture a high-speed photo in your studio, even the most advanced camera is too slow to trigger the flash at the right moment. A delay of only 50 milliseconds is already too long to achieve the perfect result. The Mobile Flash kit solves this problem in the following way: you can connect your flash directly to your smartphone or tablet, thanks to the hotshoe adapter and cable. You need to make sure that you’re in a completely dark room. After that, you can set the exposure time of you camera to, for example, 10 seconds. When there happens an action within this time period, which will trigger the flash, only this split-second will be visible on the photo. This offers an amazing possibility to photograph, for example, a bursting balloon at exactly the right moment. Optionally, it’s possible the set a given delay. For example, you can add a delay of 10 milliseconds, after a situation happens. The right moment will be captured perfectly. In the video below you can view an example, where balloons filled with water are used:


  • 1x Miops Twin Hotshoe Adapter
  • 1x Miops connection cable (1 m)
  • 1x Packaging

In stock

Price incl. VAT: € 53,95

Article number:Help189360
Suitable for:HelpCamera flashes
Cable length (m):Help1
For camera brand:HelpNikon, Canon, Pentax, Samsung, Fujifilm, Kodak, Contax, Panasonic, Leica
Dimension (cm):Help3 x 3,5 x 3,2 (l x w x h)


Smart Triggering For Creative Photography

Miops is founded in 2010 and manufactures advanced triggers for photocameras and flash units.