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f Miops Motorized SLIDER+ 40cm
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Miops Motorized SLIDER+ 40cm

The SLIDER+ from Miops is a motorized camera slider that you can control with your smartphone (iOS and Android). This 40 cm long slider allows you to smoothly move your camera back and forth and control it remotely. Combined with the Capsule360, this slider is ideal for taking creative photos and videos. The Miops SLIDER+ is a completely new slider with fully updated motor, electronics and design.

What can I set with my smartphone?

With your smartphone you can control both your camera and the slider remotely. For the slider you can for example set the total slider distance and speed. You can also set up so-called waypoints. And what about the step size: you can already set it with a precision from 1.1 micrometer. That is one thousandth of a millimeter.

You control your camera through the same app. For this you need a connection cable (not included, see optional accessories). This cable transmits the settings to the camera that you have set via the app. With the help of our cable selector you can see exactly which connection cable you need for your camera. This cable selector will load for you within a few seconds.

Which app do I need?

To control the slider and your camera externally, you need the free Capsule360 app from Miops. It is available for iOS and Android. The app is supported from iOS 10 and Android 4.3 (and above) and connects to the slider via Bluetooth.

External features of the slider

The Slider+ is equipped with an internal rechargeable Li-ion battery. Fully charged, you can use it for about 4 to 6 hours. At the top, the platform is equipped with 1/4" male thread. This means you can use any common SLR (DSLR), system camera and action camera. At the bottom, the slider has 3/8" female thread for mounting on a tripod. The whole unit weighs only 1.4 kg and has a load capacity of 7 kg.

Application Miops SLIDER+

With the Slider+ you can make impressive slide shots and create the most beautiful time-lapse videos. You can use the slider stand-alone, but it is also recommended with the Miops Capsule360. With that combination, you can shift your camera horizontally and move it around 360 degrees. Because you don't have to touch your camera or the slider, you can count on smooth, stable shots.

Technical details

• Length of the slider: 40 cm
• Maximum movement: 30 cm
• Max. speed: 1 meter per minute
• Step size: 1,141 micron (µm)
• Internal rechargeable Li-ion battery (3.7V, 2900mAH)
• Movement: horizontal

MIOPS, release your creativity!


  • 1x Motorized slider (40cm)
  • 1x Camera tray with 1/4" male thread
  • 1x Miops carrying case
  • 1x MicroUSB cable (for charging internal battery)
  • 1x Full-color packaging

This product has a limited stock.

Price incl. VAT: € 499,00

Article number:Help189393
Load weight (kg):Help7
Weight (kg):Help1.4
Screw connection bottom:Help3/8" female

To take the most creative photos, MIOPS offers a range of compact, intelligent accessories that you can easily use with your own photographic equipment. For example, using these accessories, you can use your smartphone to control the camera, have your camera automatically triggered by lightning and create time-lapses, or just create beautiful waterdrop photos. Whatever accessory you use, with Miops you will create the most creative, unique photos.





MIOPS in short:

• Miops is the brand for creative, modern photographers
• Take the most beautiful waterdrop photos or trigger your camera by lightning, for example
• Compatible with most cameras and smartphones
• Easy to use with your existing photo and video equipment
• Items from Miops come with a standard 1-year warranty