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f Miops Turntable for Capsule360
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Miops Turntable for Capsule360

The Miops Turntable for Capsule360 is a mini turntable that rotates 360 degrees. The disc is an indispensable accessory for anyone using the Miops Capsule360. You can place this turntable on the Capsule360, instead of your camera. So you can take 360-degree product photos.

The rotating surface has a diameter of 244mm and the whole weighs only 0.41 kg.

Usage Miops Turntable for Capsule360

This accessory is made for use with the Miops Capsule360. This is a versatile system that allows you to make motorized camera movements. The combination of one or more Capsule360 engines, complemented by a slider, turntable and accessories, make this a valuable total solution for every filmmaker. Detailed instructions on all aspects of the Miops Capsule 360 can be found here.


  • 1x Miops Turntable for Capsule360
  • 1x Packaging

This product has a limited stock.

Price incl. VAT: € 94,95

Article number:Help189395
Afmetingen (cm):Help24,4 Ø

To take the most creative photos, MIOPS offers a range of compact, intelligent accessories that you can easily use with your own photographic equipment. For example, using these accessories, you can use your smartphone to control the camera, have your camera automatically triggered by lightning and create time-lapses, or just create beautiful waterdrop photos. Whatever accessory you use, with Miops you will create the most creative, unique photos.





MIOPS in short:

• Miops is the brand for creative, modern photographers
• Take the most beautiful waterdrop photos or trigger your camera by lightning, for example
• Compatible with most cameras and smartphones
• Easy to use with your existing photo and video equipment
• Items from Miops come with a standard 1-year warranty