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f Marumi Lens Protect Filter Solid EXUS 77 mm
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Marumi Lens Protect Filter Solid EXUS 77 mm

Marumi Protect Filter EXUS 77 mm

The Marumi Protect Filter Solid EXUS is one of Marumi’s top filters. The Marumi Protect Solid EXUS filters are made up of a special coating to counteract unwanted reflections, a matte black metal rim and black glass edges to minimize internal reflections. Further, the Solid EXUS filters contain an antistatic, water repellent and oil repellent coating, making them one of the best filters on the market. In addition, the filters are made of extra hardened glass, which makes this series of filters 7 times stronger than other protect filters

Usage Marumi Protect Filter EXUS 77 mm

The Marumi Protect Filter Solid EXUS is a neutral filter that protects your camera lens without causing any unwanted filter effects. A standard protect filter can cause a lot of reflection and distortion to the sensor of your camera. The Marumi Protect Solid EXUS filter is equipped with a special coating to overcome this by reducing the reflecting of the incoming light to 0.2%. The filter is made of high quality, clear glass and is water and dirt repellent and antistatic. The transparent filter does not affect the exposure time and can therefore, be left on the camera lens.


  • 1 x Marumi Protect Filter Solid EXUS 77 mm
  • 1x Full Colour Packaging

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Price incl. VAT: € 94,95

Type:HelpEXUS Protect
Diameter:Help77 mm

Marumi, top quality filters


Marumi Japan has been a succes for over 20 years in the Netherlands. Marumi produces filters, lenses, converters and other camera accessories. Marumi is characterized by a very good price / quality ratio. The filters are regularly rated as good to very good in journals and magazines. The range includes affordable entry-levels to multi-coated filters that can compete with the best in the market. This ensures Marumi's broad audience.

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