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f IdPhotos Pro with DS620 Printer
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IdPhotos Pro with DS620 Printer

The IdPhotos Pro and DNP DS620 Printer is the perfect combination to print ID photographs.

Idphotos Pro ™ is an advanced, yet easy-to-use software tool designed for the automatic imaging process of ID photos. Through this imaging process, the software ensures that the specific national and international requirements and regulations are met.

The DNP DS620 Digital Dye Sublimation Photo Printer is almost 2 times smaller than conventional thermal printers and is ideal for printing large quantities of professional quality photos in a timely and cost effective manner. The DS40 has the ability to print high quality, 10 x 15cm prints in just 8 seconds and provides you with the option to finish your prints with either a glossy or matte coating. This setting can be changed on the printer without having to switch the paper. The print head is located in the back of the printer to minimize its vulnerability to damage. Further, the printer features a unique system, which protects the paper against dust and dirt during printing.

Please click the following links if you require additional information about IdPhotos Pro and the DNP DS620 Photo Printer.


  • 1 x IdPhotos Pro Software
  • 1 x DNP DS620 Printer

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Pixel-Tech, based in Poland, is a software manufacturor for the photo retail industry. They are particularly known for the IdPhotos software package: a comprehensive, advanced yet easy to use program for creating perfect passport-pictures for many countries and document types. Pixel-Tech is a flexible company that responds quickly to developments in the market and continues to develop its products continuously.

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