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f Linkstar Bi-Color LED Panel RollFlex RX-9TD with Softbox and Honeycomb
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Linkstar Bi-Color LED Panel RollFlex RX-9TD with Softbox and Honeycomb

The Linkstar Flexible Bi-Color LED Panel RX-9TD with Softbox and Honeycomb is a 61 x 24 cm flexible mat with 252 small bi-color LED lights (total 50W). The LED panel in this combi action comes standard with a softbox, diffuse cloth and honeycomb.

The colour temperature of the Linkstar lamp can be infinitely adjusted from 3000 to 5600K, or warm yellow light to daylight. Because of the CRI value of 95, you can always count on natural colours. The intensity of the lamp can be infinitely adjusted from 0 to 100%. At half a meter the lamp gives a light output of 3680 LUX. With the included softbox and diffuse cloth you can soften the light. With the help of the honeycomb you can steer the light more precisely.

In contrast to the RX-9T, you can use the TD series to control multiple flex panels centrally. Via the control panel you set the desired lamps to a channel (A/B/C/D/OFF), after which you can use one of the lamps as a control panel for the whole group. You can also, for example, control four lamps, setting two to channel A and two to channel B. Optionally, a separate remote control is available, which allows you to control the lamps remotely instead of via the control unit. On this control unit you can attach an optionally available V-mount battery for use without mains power. The X-bracket (to which you attach the RX-9TD) has a standard spigot connection, with which you can attach it to any conventional lamp stand.

Usage Linkstar RX-9TD with Softbox and Honeycomb

The RX-9TD is a universal accessory for any video and photo production: a compact lightweight lamp for your studio or a foldable design for on the go. In theory, you can even attach the RX-9TD to the ceiling of your car using the Velcro strap. This gives you the extra light you want, without a conspicuous construction. This makes the RX-9TD an interesting solution for recordings where there is no room for heavy, large equipment.


  • 1x Linkstar Flexible Bi-Color LED panel RX-9TD
  • 1x Softbox
  • 1x Honeycomb
  • 1x Diffusing cloth
  • 1x Control unit
  • 1x X-frame
  • 1x Mount grip
  • 1x Power cable 2-pins (2.5A/250V)
  • 1x Power adapter (100-240VAC to15VDC 5A)
  • 5x Velcro black
  • 2x Velcro white
  • 1x Velcro belt
  • 1x Carrying bag
  • 1x Packaging

In stock

Price incl. VAT: from € 323,95 for € 279,00

Type:HelpLED light on battery, LED light on net power
Number of LEDs:Help252
Power Consumption:Help50W
Adjustability:HelpContinuously variable
Dimensions:Help610 x 240 mm
Weight:Help300 grams
Light Output (LUX) @ 0.5m:Help3680
Light Output (LUX) @ 1m:Help1230
Light Output (LUX) @ 2m:Help351
Power supply:HelpMains power (DC-15V 10A) | V-Mount battery
Cooling fan:HelpNo
Color temperature:Help3000K-5600K
CRI (Ra):Help95

Professional studio equipment for everyone!


In just a few years the brand Linkstar has gained a significant market share in the Netherlands. Great value for money, good quality and the specifications for professional use, making Linkstar studio equipment suitable for all audiences, from novice hobbyists and companies that want to shoot their own products, to experienced professional photographers.
Linkstar has an extensive range of products.

Linkstar is based in Hong Kong and offers everything the professional photographer and his studio needs, apart from a camera and lens. These include studio strobes, softboxes, umbrellas, quantitative, background systems, photo tables, light bulbs, flash relaxants, reflective screens and much more.

Most Linkstar an S-mount strobes are therefore compatible with Bowens and some other brands. This makes Linkstar accessories directly suitable for various other brands of flash units. By using optional adapter rings can Linkstar accessories on more brands, such as Hensel, Multiblitz, Elinchrom, Broncolor etc.

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