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f Byomic Multi-Power Magnifier 3-in-1 BYO-IM0930 3-9x30mm
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Byomic Multi-Power Magnifier 3-in-1 BYO-IM0930 3-9x30mm

The Byomic Multi-Power Magnifier 3-in-1 BYO-IM0930 3-9x30mm is a universal folding loupe. It consists of three separate magnifying glasses, each magnifying glass having a 3x magnification. By unfolding the lenses you can enlarge 3x, 6x and 9x. The magnifiers have single lenses and a diameter of 30mm. This magnifying glass is known as a jeweler's loupe, as this type of magnifying glass is often used for observations of jewelry.

Usage Byomic Multi-Power Magnifier 3-in-1 BYO-IM0930 3-9x30mm

The compact magnifying glass is lightweight and easy to carry. The body is made of plastic; the lens is made of acrylic. Compared to glass, acrylic is lighter in weight and has a higher scratch resistance.

• Length folded: 117mm
• Length not folded: 60mm
• Total height: 27 mm
• Weight: 10 grams


  • 1x Byomic Multi-Power Magnifier 3-in-1 BYO-IM0930 3-9x30mm

In stock

Price incl. VAT: € 6,95

Article number:Help181031
Type of Magnifier:HelpFoldable, Doublet / Triplet
Diameter of the lens:Help30mm
Built-in lighting:HelpNo
Usage:HelpReading, Biology and Outdoor, Jewelry
Magnification:Help3x | 6x | 9x
Power spot lens:HelpNo
Material of the lens:HelpAcrylic
Warranty:Help2 years





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