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Limited Offer
f Saramonic Lavalier Microphone Set UwMic9 TX9 + RX9 UHF Wireless
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Saramonic Lavalier Microphone Set UwMic9 TX9 + RX9 UHF Wireless

The TX9 and RX9 from Saramonic are a transmitter and receiver set from the UwMic9 system. The TX9 transmitter and two-channel RX9 receiver are easy to connect, because of the built-in infrared module, an automatic scan or on manual mode. With the TX9 comes a lavalier microphone, also named lapel microphone. You attach the microphone with a small clamp onto the tie or shirt of the person you want to interview. The included TX9 transmitter can be attached to the pocket, with one of the included clamps. The person you want to interview is now able to move freely, without worrying about a cable that’s connected to the camera.

You can attach the RX9 receiver onto the hotshoe connector of your camera, with the included adapter and clamp. The adapter also features a 1/4” female screw thread, so there’s an option to attach the RX9 receiver onto a tripod or camera cage. You connect the RX9 with you camera with one of the included cables. In the box you can find a 3.5mm male and XLR male cable, which makes the UwMic9 system a perfect choice for almost every (professional) camera. This can be a DSLR camera, camcorder, audio mixer or professional ENG camera.

Professional quality

The UwMic9 system produces a crystal clear sound and is made of high quality hardware. When you take the transmitter and receiver out of the packaging, you’ll understand what we mean: a durable housing, good hardware and a detailed finish make this a high quality product.


You can use the TX9 and RX9 in multiple ways. Here’s an example: you want to capture an interview with your DSLR camera. You connect the RX9 to the hotshoe of your DSLR-camera with the included adapter. Next to that, you connect headphones to the ‘phone’ port of your RX9. The person you want to interview wears a TX9 transmitter and microphone. You’re now ready for the interview. With the headphones you can listen live if the sound reaches the receiver without any problems. There’s an option to connect a second microphone at the same time. Please see below.

UwMic9 extension

The RX9 receiver from this kit has the ability to receive to input signals at the same time. There are multiple other transmitters available. Think about the HU9 handheld microphone (see optional accessories), an extra TX9 transmitter and a XLR9 XLR-transmitter. (Last two mentioned are available on request). You can control both channels individually. Please see the sentence ‘technical specifications’.

Difference with UwMic10

The Saramonic UwMic10 and UwMic9 are functional and are basically identical to each other. The only difference is the range of frequencies on which the systems run. The UwMic10 uses the frequencies 614 MHz - 696 MHz and the UwMic9 uses 514MHz - 596MHz instead.

Technical specifications

Both the TX9 transmitter and RX9 receiver are working on 96 different channels. You select the channel with the arrow keys. If you want, you can use the user-friendly menu to connect the TX9 and RX9 automatically. There’s also a possibility to choose a channel (A or B) and you can turn on and off both channels individually on the receiver. The output volume is also adjustable for both channels individually. In the menu of the RX9 receiver you can select a ‘lock’ function, which prevents that the receiver will be turned off accidently. You can also select the options ‘stereo’ or ‘mono’. When you use one microphone, we advise you to select mono. When you use two microphones, we advise stereo. The sound of both channels will now be recorded on two separate channels in your camera (A and B / left and right). With this option it’s easy to adjust the audio levels and to divide the sound of both channels.

Also for the TX9 transmitter are some handy options adjustable. Think about a lock, mute function, and RF function. You can set the latter on low (10mW), medium (20mW) and high (30mW).


  • 1x TX9 transmitter
  • 1x RX9 receiver
  • 1x lavalier microphone
  • 1x male XLR cable
  • 1x male 3.5mm cable
  • 1x hotshoe adapter
  • 2x clamp
  • 1x manual
  • 1x warranty card
  • 1x packaging

In stock

Price incl. VAT: € 309,00

Suitable for:HelpSingle-lens reflex camera, Camcorder, Audio recorder
Dimensions (mm):Help171 x 63 x 30
Gewicht:Help219 gram
Frequency:Help40 Hz to 18 kHz (+/- 3dB)
Sensitivity:Help-95 dBm
Signal to Noise Ratio:Help70 dB or more
Microphone connector:Help3.5 mm mini jack plug
Power supply:HelpAA battery (not included in delivery)

SARAMONIC offers a complete line of advanced audio accessories for the (semi-)professional user. Ideal for interviews, ENG productions and content creators. Think of microphones for video cameras and smartphones or complete interview kits. Saramonic also offers indispensable adapters, for example for DSLR cameras and camcorders. For years, Saramonic has had an excellent reputation for innovation and value for money.





SARAMONIC in short: 

• Extensive line of audio accessories, including microphones and adapters
• High-quality, innovative range
• Multi-purpose, for example for interviews, ENG productions and other video recordings
• Suitable for the (semi-)professional and consumer
• Formidable competitor of well-known, more expensive players in the market 

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