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f Saramonic Lavalier Microphone Set UwMic9S TX9S + RX9S UHF Wireless
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Saramonic Lavalier Microphone Set UwMic9S TX9S + RX9S UHF Wireless

The UwMic9S from Saramonic is a wireless lavalier microphone set, consisting of a lavalier microphone with associated transmitter and receiver. Built-in displays and internal batteries characterize the capabilities of this professional set.

YourMic9S capabilities

When you want to work professionally with the sound of your video productions, the UwMic9S is a godsend. The special connections and cables supplied make the UwMic9S set universally usable. Below you will find an overview of the possibilities and supplied accessories:

  • With the built-in display you have access to a wide range of settings. The screen is backlit, making it easy to change settings even in the dark. You have access to channels, volume, gain, low-cut filters, sensitivity and more.
  • The built-in battery can be charged with the included usb-a cable. You plug the cable into the internal usb-c port, then the usb-a side of the cable can be connected to a computer or usb charger. When the batteries of the transmitter and receiver are full, they last no less than 8 to 10 hours. A separate cable is supplied for both the transmitter and receiver.
  • The two 3.5 mm output ports on the receiver make it possible to record the sound of the transmitter and an additional sound source on another channel (or even separate recorders). You can connect this additional sound source to the receiver's dedicated 3.5mm mic/line input. So in total the receiver has two standard outputs, one dedicated headphone output and one line mic input. An SR-C2004 splitter cable is also included. This cable merges the sound from both ports. You can connect the 3.5 mm plug of the SR-C2004 to a camera or PC/laptop to directly record the sound from both devices. You can also connect the supplied XLR cable, to record the sound with a professional camera or through a mixing board.
  • The 3.5 mm phone port on the receiver allows you to listen in live with your own earbuds.
  • The transmitter has two 3.5 mm jacks: for microphones and line signals. This makes the UwMic9S widely usable for a variety of audio connections.
  • Many accessories are included, including a hotshoe adapter with 3.5mm female connector for the receiver, a plop cap, windshield, cable tie, clip, trouser clip and a robust case.

Application YourMic9S

When you want to record a conversation, presentation or interview with one person, the UwMic9S is an ideal choice. The cables included make the UwMic9S suitable for DSLR cameras, professional cameras with XLR input, mixing consoles, PCs and laptops. With the cables included in the optional accessories, the UwMic9S can also be used with your smartphone. The incoming volume of the microphones can be read individually on the receiver, for optimal control over the sound. The displays are high-contrast and the button controls are very responsive. A version with two transmitters + microphones is also available. You can find this in the optional accessories.


  • 1x UwMic9S transmitter
  • 1x UwMic9S receiver
  • 1x DK3A tie-pin microphone with cable
  • 1x 3.5 mm TRS cable
  • 1x XLR male cable
  • 1x 3.5 mm splitter cable
  • 2x USB-A to USB-C charging cable
  • 1x Hotshoe adapter for receiver
  • 2x Plop cap
  • 2x Windshield
  • 1x Cable tie
  • 1x Tie pin (clamp)
  • 2x Trouser clip for transmitter
  • 1x Case
  • 1x Manual
  • 1x Warranty certificate
  • 2x Saramonic sticker
  • 1x Packaging

In stock

Price incl. VAT: € 339,00

Suitable for:HelpSingle-lens reflex camera, Camcorder, Laptop
Dimensions (mm):Help220 x 64 x 25 transmitter/receiver
Gewicht:Help157 grams (transmitter). 193 grams (receiver).
Frequency:Help40Hz - 18kHz(+/-3dB)
Signal to Noise Ratio:Help+75dB
Microphone connector:Help3.5 mm mini jack plug, XLR
Power supply:HelpBuilt-in battery (Li-ion)
Verbindung (kabellos):HelpDrahtlos

Saramonic is a manufacturer specializing in providing high-quality audio gear for professionals and consumers alike. They produce an array of audio adapters for DSLR cameras and camcorders, as well as special purpose microphones for use with smartphones and other mobile devices.

Since their founding, Saramonic has established a solid reputation as a manufacturer of innovative, yet cost effective design, that combines great quality with great pricing.