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f Byomic Phase Contrast Set 2 for BYO500 Series
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Byomic Phase Contrast Set 2 for BYO500 Series

With this Byomic Phase Contrast Set 2 you can work with contrast, so your specimen can be observed many times more clearly. Depending on the kind of specimen this set can help you to improve the contrast and quality (and therefore the quality of the observation) significantly. With this set it is possible to show certain details of your specimen such as for instance bacteria.


  • 4 x objective (10x, 20x, 40x and 100x)
  • scale ocular
  • Contrast disc condensor with 4 different irises
  • Storage case
  • 1 x colour filter

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Price incl. VAT: € 529,00




Byomic offers telescopes and microscopes for both the novice astronomer and researcher as for the more advanced researcher. In the wide range of lenses are telescopes, mirror telescopes, micrsocopen biological and stereo microscopes.

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