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f FLIR XLR-IR850 Illuminator with Battery and Charger IAIR850IR000003
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FLIR XLR-IR850 Illuminator with Battery and Charger IAIR850IR000003

The FLIR XLR-IR850 Illuminator with Battery and Charger IAIR850IR000003 is a complete set that allows you to considerably increase the observation distance of your night vision device. The powerful IR source delivers up to 1,000mW of power, providing significant light output and more visible details.

The infrared amplifier delivers 850nm LED infrared light. Compared to a wavelength of 940nm, 850nm delivers a much higher light output and provides more visible details. For IR illuminators with a 940nm wavelength, the infrared light beam is invisible. With 850nm IR light, the beam is only visible when looking directly into the IR source.

You can set the beam angle of the infrared illuminator from 4 to 35 degrees. This allows you to focus the beam on one point, for example, or broaden it to illuminate a larger area. The smaller the beam angle, the higher the light output on your night vision device. Finally, you can also determine the desired intensity.

Usage FLIR XLR-IR8150 Illuminator with Battery and Charger IAIR850IR000003

To use the amplifier, insert the supplied battery into the battery compartment. Using the adapter at the bottom, you can then attach the unit to your FLIR night scope*. By turning the knurled knob you can determine the beam angle of the illuminator. At the back you can finally adjust the intensity of the XLR-IR850. To charge the 18650 battery, place it in the charger provided, which you then connect to the mains.

* For a number of night vision devices, a Dovetail #21 to Weaver Transfer Piece is required to mount the IR Illuminator. This adapter - see optional accessories - is required for the MNVD, Spark, Sirius, Discovery, Nyx-7 and Nyx-7 PRO.

Other specifications

• Type of light: LED
• Wavelength: 850 nm
• Max. power: 1000 mW
• Beam angle: 4 to 35 degrees
• Battery type: 18650 battery (included)


  • 1x Extra-Long-Range IR-850 Illuminator
  • 1x Rechargeable battery (18650 type)
  • 1x Battery charger with net power adapter
  • 1x Packaging

This item is supplied on demand. Contact us for the delivery time.
Contact us for the delivery time.

Price incl. VAT: € 209,00

Type of accessory:HelpInfrared Illuminator
Accessory for:HelpFLIR Night Vision Devices

FLIR, de marktleider op het gebied van infraroodcamera's

Wat ook uw infraroodtoepassing is, samen met FLIR bieden wij u de juiste oplossing! Sinds de opkomst van de eerste IR thermografie-toepassingen onderging de infrarood technologie een ware revolutie. Warmtebeeldcamera's worden nu o.a. gebruikt in de jacht, maar ook ter controle van elektrische installaties, warmteafgifte bij automatisering, etc.

Voordelen van warmtebeeldkijkers

Thermische beelden tonen een oververhitte aansluiting die met het blote oog niet waar te nemen is.
Het voordeel van warmtebeeldcamera’s ten opzicht van nachtkijkers is dat deze bijvoorbeeld ook overdag heel goed gebruikt kunnen worden. Wanneer een persoon of dier in het struikgewas zit of bij mist is deze met een warmtebeeldcamera goed te zien.

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