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f AGM FoxBat-5 Night Vision Bi-Ocular 5x110mm Gen 2
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AGM FoxBat-5 Night Vision Bi-Ocular 5x110mm Gen 2

The FoxBat-5 from the American AGM Global Vision is a rugged long-range night vision bi-ocular suitable for extended observations at long distances. The Gen2 night vision scope features a 5x optical magnification and a large 110mm lens with considerable light output. It comes standard with a long-range LED infrared illuminator (850nm/1,000mW).

The night viewer is equipped with a Generation 2 image intensifier tube (IIT) which shows you the environment in night vision green. This is the familiar green image and is also referred to as Green Phosphor. The tube causes the residual light or ambient light present to be amplified thousands of times. Since the scope has one image intensifier tube, yet two eyepieces, it is called a bi-ocular. You can use the residual light amplifier with two eyes at the same time, which means you can observe for long periods of time, comfortably. So, unlike night vision monoculars (suitable for one eye), you don't have to continually close one eye. There is a hand strap on the side of the body so that you can carry the binoculars comfortably in your hand.

Infrared illumination

Because the night vision bi-ocular is equipped with an IIT, even a minimal amount of residual/ambient light is converted into a visible image. This allows you to work for a long time without IR light. But when you are in complete darkness without any ambient light at all, you can use the included 850nm infrared illuminator. This IR Illuminator provides a light source outside the visible spectrum, allowing you to observe in complete darkness without being detected. The advantage of 850nm IR is that you have maximum power - viewing distance up to as much as 1 kilometer - but the infrared glow is visible when looking directly into the IR source at a short distance. You can adjust the beam in terms of power and beam size.

If you prefer to use a 940nm infrared emitter, the AGM Sioux940 is optionally available. A 940nm IR has an invisible IR source, but hass also a shorter range than 850nm IR.

Application AGM FoxBat-5 (NL2i)

This night vision bi-ocular is extremely suitable for nighttime observations at long distances. The AGM FoxBat-5 is indispensable when you want to observe for a long time, comfortably and from a standstill. You can think of security, rescue operations and tactical applications, but also for hunters, boaters or just the demanding nature lover this night scope is a valuable tool. The 1/4" thread connection at the bottom allows you to mount the AGM FoxBat on any common tripod (see optional accessories).

This night vision optics is equipped with an image intensifier tube, so you cannot use the device during the day. The device will automatically shut down when too much light is present.

Technical data

• Image intensifier tube (IIT): Gen.2
• Fully multi-coated lens objective
• Equipped with stand-by mode and bright light cut-off
• Up to 60 hours operating time with just one CR123 battery (measured with IR turned off)
• Three LED indicators in FOV: IR, battery status and abundant light
• Focuses from 10 meters
• Adjustable diopter: -5 to +5
• Equipped with hand strap for optimum comfort
• AGM Global Vision article: 13FXB522153021i (NL2i)

Want to know more about night vision, or not sure what would be the perfect night vision scope for your application? Then feel free to contact us.


  • 1x AGM FoxBat-5 Night vision bi-ocular Gen2
  • 1x AGM Sioux850 Long-Range IR Illuminator (850nm/1.000mW)
  • 1x Hand strap (installed on the body)
  • 1x Lens cap
  • 1x Carrying case
  • 1x Neck cord
  • 1x Battery adapter
  • 1x CR123A battery
  • 1x Lens cloth
  • 1x Manual
  • 1x Full-color packaging

In stock

Price incl. VAT: € 2.399,00

Type of night vision viewer:HelpNight vision with image intensifier tube (IIT)
Quality:HelpIIT Photonis Commercial Gen2
Usage:Help Astronomy, Security, Defence / Police, Hunting, Nature observations, Navigation, Rescue operations, Survival / Safari, Tactical, Water sports / boating / fishing
Diameter objectief:Help110mm
Infrared integrated:HelpYes
Viewing:HelpGreen phosphor
Statiefdraad:HelpYes (1/4" thread)
Dimensions:Help262 x 140 x 81 mm
Weight:Help1.3 kg
Warranty:Help3 years with registered product
For daytime use?:HelpNo
Power:Help1x CR123A battery (included)
Operational temperature:Help-40 to +50 degrees Celsius

AGM Global Vision, originated in the USA, is an increasingly big and important player in the field of night vision and thermal imaging. With a range that stretches from the mid-segment to the absolute high-end, AGM specifically targets the professional and demanding private user.


The range consists of numerous innovative products: handheld thermal imaging monoculars, fusion cameras, thermal riflescopes and thermal clip-ons to night vision viewers with IIT (Photonis Commercial and ECHO), night vision clip-ons and IR Illuminators. AGM is the brand of choice for nature observation, hunting, security and any other tactical application. 

Thanks to its American quality, you can count on high-quality, robust and optimally performing products. As a sales partner in Europe, we offer a three-year warranty on AGM Global Vision products.