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f FLIR NYX-7 PRO Bi-Ocular Night Vision Goggle Gen 2+ HD
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FLIR NYX-7 PRO Bi-Ocular Night Vision Goggle Gen 2+ HD

The FLIR NYX-7 PRO is a high-end night vision bi-ocular with built-in infrared illuminator and included goggle kit. The residual light amplifier is an excellent accessory for hunters, police and security, but also just for the demanding hobbyist. The bi-ocular can be used handheld as well as hands-free and offers a field of vision of up to 40 degrees.

The residual light amplifier is equipped with a Generation 2+ HD tube (55-72 lp/mm), which creates a considerable light output. This means that the bi-ocular exceeds the resolutions of previous versions (SDi, iDi). The built-in infrared illuminator ensures that the available residual light is intensified even further, so that you can see even more details and it becomes much easier to identify people, animals, or objects. Even if there is no residual light at all, you can still see. Generation 2+ night vision devices offer the best image quality and resolution available in the private market.

The 40 degree field of view allows you to see a large part of your surroundings at a glance. Ideal when you want to observe as you move, or when there are many obstacles in the area. The device features comfortable 360-degree rotatable eyepieces that fit seamlessly with your eyes. This way, you will never suffer from light and your eyes will not light up in the dark. In addition, you determine all image settings, such as brightness, focus and dioptre. You can also switch the IR Illuminator on and off manually.

With the included Goggle Kit you have the possibility to use the night vision goggles hands-free. This accessory consists of a comfortable head mounting system and all necessary components to attach the NYX-7 PRO to it. The integrated flip-up system ensures that you can quickly and safely flip up the unit when you do not want to use it. This allows you to quickly switch between night vision and your own vision.


The residual light intensifier has one IIT tube, but is suitable for use with two eyes. This means that the NYX-7 PRO does not work tiresome on your eye, because you don't have to continuously squeeze one eye (which is the case with monoculars). To use the unit, insert the supplied battery into the compartment. By means of the rotating ring at the lens you can focus the image; by rotating rings at the eyepiece you can determine the desired dioptre. The infrared illuminator can be switched on and off using the button on the right side of the body. If you want to create even more brightness in the display, you can use an additional infrared amplifier (see optional accessories).

Other specifications

• Resolution: 55-72 lp/mm
• Lens System: F/1.2; 27 mm
• Min. focus distance: 25 cm
• Eye relief: 15mm
• Diopter: -6 to +2
• Auto-shutdown function
• Automatic brightness function


  • FLIR NYX-7 Pro Bi-Ocular Night Vision Goggle Gen 2+ HD

This item is supplied on demand. Contact us for the delivery time.
Contact us for the delivery time.

Price incl. VAT: € 3.099,00

Generation:Help Generation 2+ High Definition
Vergroting:Help1x (3x and 5x optionally)
Diameter objectief:Help27mm
Infrared integrated:HelpYes
Mountable on weapon:HelpNo
Dimensions:Help204 × 127 × 61 mm
Weight:Help0.49 kg
Warranty:Help2 years
Viewing angle:Help40 degrees
Power:Help1x (R)CR123A battery (3V) | 1x AA battery (1.5V)
Operational temperature:Help-40°C to +50°C

FLIR, de marktleider op het gebied van infraroodcamera's

Wat ook uw infraroodtoepassing is, samen met FLIR bieden wij u de juiste oplossing! Sinds de opkomst van de eerste IR thermografie-toepassingen onderging de infrarood technologie een ware revolutie. Warmtebeeldcamera's worden nu o.a. gebruikt in de jacht, maar ook ter controle van elektrische installaties, warmteafgifte bij automatisering, etc.

Voordelen van warmtebeeldkijkers

Thermische beelden tonen een oververhitte aansluiting die met het blote oog niet waar te nemen is.
Het voordeel van warmtebeeldcamera’s ten opzicht van nachtkijkers is dat deze bijvoorbeeld ook overdag heel goed gebruikt kunnen worden. Wanneer een persoon of dier in het struikgewas zit of bij mist is deze met een warmtebeeldcamera goed te zien.

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