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f SiOnyx Color Night Vision Clip-On Aurora with Mount
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SiOnyx Color Night Vision Clip-On Aurora with Mount

The SiOnyx Clip-On Aurora is a night vision attachment for your rifle scope or red dot. The SiOnyx cameras are the first in the market to be able to display the surroundings in vivid daylight colours at night. Of course, objects and animals do not change colour at night. However, the human eye is unable to see those colours at night. With the Aurora you will see those colours for sure! The Aurora is an upgrade of the Aurora Black and offers a number of useful extra features, such as GPS and recoil-activated capture.

Targeting and positioning
You place the night vision camera on the supplied mount on the Picatinny/Weaver rail of your weapon. The mounting rail on your weapon must therefore be long enough to mount both your rifle scope and the nAurora Black. This is because you do not attach the nightvision camera to the body around the lens of your rifle scope. When you want to aim, use the reticle of your rifle scope or the pointer of your red dot. The Aurora itself is not equipped with a reticle or laser pointer. This means that you do not need to zero the SiOnyx camera. You place the unit in front of (or behind) your optical rifle scope according to your own preference. Accordingly, you look through your riflescope on the display of the Aurora.

Other functionalities
The night vision device has an optical 0.5x magnification, which you can enlarge up to 3x by means of a digital zoom. The surroundings are projected on a full-color OLED display, which you can also set in grey scale. The camera is equipped with EIS (electronic image stabilization) and offers many different recording options for taking photos and videos, such as burst mode and HDR. You can also connect the Aurora via Wi-fi to a smartphone or tablet (Android and iOS). Once you have the free SiOnyx Aurora app you can remotely control the viewer, stream images live and make / share recordings. A microSD card is required (not included).

The Aurora also has GPS, compass and meta-data. These functions help you navigate at night and determine your location. You can also add this information as a 'stamp' to all your photos and videos, so you know exactly where and when you took that specific shot. Finally, you can also use the recoil-activated capture. This means that the camera automatically takes a shot as soon as a recoil occurs (i.e. at the moment of shooting).

Application Aurora Clip-On with Mount

With the combination of the Aurora and a Picatinny mount, you create a weapon accessory that allows you to add colour-night vision to your rifle scope. This makes it easy to turn the Aurora into a night vision clip-on attachment. For example, you can use the camera for hunting, airsoft and any other kind of shooting sport. The device is very compact and lightweight.

The mounting is supplied separately, so you can also use the night vision binoculars without a weapon. So you can use the Aurora in your hand, remotely control and stream images live, or attach it to a helmet/goggle kit. You can also use the camera during the day without any problems. At the bottom of the body, the camera is equipped with a 1/4" threaded connection, with which you can also place it on any conventional tripod (see optional accessories).

Other highlights

- Certified for recoils of 6000 Joules (.223/5.56)
- IP67 certified (submersible)
- Equipped with GPS, compass and meta-data (time/date)
- Recoil-activated capture (auto-recording on recoil)

How do the internal components work?

The SiOnyx night vision cameras can 'see' at infrared wavelengths from 400nm to more than 1100nm. By means of patented ultra low-light sensor technology, the CMOS sensor is able to process the environment at night in color. This distinguishes SiOnyx from all other digital and analogue night vision devices on the market. This technique also results in an unmatched light output, making an infrared illuminator no longer necessary.



  • 1x Digital Color Night Vision Camera Aurora
  • 1x Picatinny rail mount (fixed)
  • 1x Panasonic Rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • 1x MicroUSB cable
  • 1x Wristband
  • 1x Carrying case
  • 1x Product and safety instructions
  • 1x Full-color packaging

In stock

Price incl. VAT: from € 984,95 for € 975,00

Type:HelpNight vision clip-on
Lens diameter:Help19mm
Magnification:Help0.5 to 3x
Infrared integrated:HelpNo
Mountable on weapon:HelpYes, with included Picatinny rail mount
Dimensions:Help118 x 63 x 52mm (camera) | 65 x 30 x 16,5mm (mount)
Weight:Help245 grams
Warranty:Help2 years (SiOnyx registration required)
Viewing modes:HelpColor night vision
Viewing angle:Help40 degrees
Recording Functionality:HelpYes (photos and videos)
Power:HelpLi-ion battery (included)
Operational temperature:Help-20 to +50 degrees Celsius
Attachment:PDF bestandDownload aurora user manual 4 2020

SIONYX: turn night into day instantly!

SiOnyx is a USA based company engaged in the development and production of affordable colour night vision cameras. SiOnyx night vision cameras are the first in the market to be able to display the surroundings in colour at night.

Of course, animals and objects do not change colour in the dark. However, the human eye is not able to see those colours at night. SiOnyx ensures that you can see those colors at night. With the introduction of the Aurora series, these high-end night viewers are now accessible for the commercial market!

By means of patented ultra-low-light sensor technology, the CMOS sensor is able to process the environment at night in colour. The Auroras can 'see' at infrared wavelengths of more than 1100nm. With this technology SiOnyx distinguishes itself from all other digital and analogue night vision devices in the market. The image sensors improve the performance of the night vision devices, which are often used in commercial, industrial, medical and defence related applications.

The ultra-low-light sensor not only ensures that the environment can be displayed in colour at night, but also results in unparalleled light output. Whereas other night vision brands often use infrared auxiliary light, this is no longer necessary due to the CMOS sensor at SiOnyx. This makes these night vision cameras, for example, also extremely suitable for wide environments, such as on the open sea or vast landscapes.

SiOnyx: there's nothing to see... except EVERYTHING