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f Event Print - BOX with Router and Dongle Key
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Event Print - BOX with Router and Dongle Key

Pixel Tech's Event Print System is a versatile print solution to use on location. Visitors of an event or wedding can download the free Event Print app on their smartphone. This can be an iPhone, Android- or Windows Phone smartphone. After that, visitors can print their most amazing photos directly from the app with your printer. You connect the supplied router to a Windows computer with a LAN cable. You plug the USB stick into the computer, after which the Event Print software can be installed. The software automatically recognizes the connected printers and you are ready to get started.

Complete control by you

Through the computer, you always have full control about the printing process. This allows you to set if visitors can print the photos for free, or after a payment. This payment is easy to arrange with a visitor. For example, you can set a photo to cost € 0.50, € 1.00, € 5.00, or any other amount. The visitors see the total price of their print(s) automatically in the app. Hereafter an order number will appear on the smartphone and the amount due may be paid to you in cash. You then approve the order on the computer, after which the photos are printed. It is also possible to make financial arrangements with the organizer, after which visitors can print the photos for free. Optionally, a maximum number of prints can be linked here, both for each person and each event.

Personalization smartphone app

Through the computer, you can set an own background photo and name by event, which visitors see when launching the app.

Modern app and software

The app features a modern interface and works fast, simple and intuitive. When you open the computer software, you immediately have a complete overview of the printing process. The screen is divided into 6 parts, described below.

Free printing

With this section you can see how many photos can be printed for free. You will see both the total number of photos assigned for this and the remaining number that may still be printed

Photographer account

During an event, you can work with a professional photographer. The photographer must use a camera that has Wi-Fi. When the camera is paired with the software, photos are automatically forwarded to the software.

Paid orders

This section shows the orders for which visitors must first pay a fee. These photos are printed only after you manually approve them. You can see the total amount per order on the screen.


It is possible to display the photos of visitors as a slide show on the computer screen. This option is intended for locations where visitors do not have to pay, like a wedding. Photos are automatically approved, allowing the screen to display the slide show.

Upload status

This section gives you a handy overview of the number of users, sessions, free photos and paid pictures.

Printer status

This section shows the name of your printer, the total number of printed pictures of the session, and the number of pictures in the queue. You can also see if the printer is configured correctly.

Universal Printer Support

Unlike competitive systems, Event Print can be used with all common printers. It does not matter if you use a printer from DNP, Fujifilm, Mitsubishi, Citizen, Epson or another manufacturer.

Usage Event Print

The Event Print system is intended for parties, fairs, weddings and events. Photos of visitors can be printed directly via smartphones. You can choose to let the visitors pay per photo or make arrangements with the organization. To personalize the photos, you can design a photo frame, which is shown as a border for the photo. The design can be fully customized by event. By processing a logo, date or location in the frame, you create a valuable souvenir for your customers.

This item is supplied on demand. Contact us for the delivery time.
Contact us for the delivery time.

Price incl. VAT: € 435,00

Accessory for:HelpDS40, DS80, RX1, DS620, DS820
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Pixel-Tech, based in Poland, is a software manufacturor for the photo retail industry. They are particularly known for the IdPhotos software package: a comprehensive, advanced yet easy to use program for creating perfect passport-pictures for many countries and document types. Pixel-Tech is a flexible company that responds quickly to developments in the market and continues to develop its products continuously.

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