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f Kowa iPhone Adapter TSN-IPXs MAX RP
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Kowa iPhone Adapter TSN-IPXs MAX RP

With the Kowa iPhone Adapter TSN-IPXs MAX RP you can turn your Apple iPhone Xs MAX in combination with a Kowa Spotting Scope and/or binoculars into a photo camera with a superior telephoto lens. It allows you to take photos and videos of all the beauty you're looking at. In this setup it is also possible for multiple enthusiasts to look through the Spotting Scope or Binoculars at the same time because you can now view the image from the Spotting Scope or Binoculars on the big screen of your phone. Of course it also remains possible to take photos and videos in between.

The Kowa iPhone Adapter TSN-IPXs MAX RP can stay around your smartphone without any problems, because it's a protective case with a slim and tight design. The Kowa iPhone Adapter TSN-IPXs MAX RP is made of polycarbonate so that it provides the best protection for your Apple iPhone Xs MAX, even against drops and shocks.

Application Kowa iPhone Adapter TSN-IPXs MAX RP

You place your smartphone in this protective case after which you screw the correct adapter ring (see table below) onto the thread. Finally, you slide the adapter ring around the eyepiece of the spotting scope or binoculars so that the smartphone displays what you normally see when you look through the eyepiece. You can also watch the screen with several people at the same time so you can enjoy together.


Digiscoping is the making of photos and videos with a digital camera or smartphone through a Spotting Scope, Binoculars or Telescope. In this way it is possible to enlarge the object even more, achieving amazing results. The most beautiful results are achieved when using a tripod, so that all movements are kept to a minimum.

The required adapter can be found under Optional Accessories.


Eyepiece Required Adapter
KOWA TSN-880/770    
  TE-11WZ (25-60x)
TE-20H (25x LER)
TE-17W (30x)
Kowa TSN-600 / TSN-660 /TSN-82SV    
  TSE-9Z (20-60x)
TSE-9WD (45x wide)
  TSE-14WD (35x wide)
TSE-21WD (20x wide)
KOWA TSN-820M / TSN-820    
  TSE-7Z (20-60x) TSN-AR66Z
  TSE-21WE (21x wide)
TSE-14WE (30x wide)
KOWA TSN-550    
  15-45x (fixed) TSN-AR66Z
KOWA TSN-500    
  20-40x (fixed) TSN-AR500
  YF &
SV 32/42/50 &
SVII 32/42/50
  BD XD 32/42 &
BDII XD 32/42
  Genesis Prominar 33
Genesis Prominar 44



  • 1x Kowa iPhone Adapter TSN-IPXs MAX RP
  • 1x Carrying Cord
  • 1x Manual

This item is supplied on demand. Contact us for the delivery time.
Contact us for the delivery time.

Price incl. VAT: € 119,00

Type:HelpDigiscoping adapter
Suitable for:HelpiPhone

Anyone looking for pure quality cannot ignore KOWA. With a range of binoculars and spotting scopes from the absolute top segment, Kowa offers everything for the demanding birder and nature lover. With XD lenses to full fluorite crystal lenses, Kowa binoculars have unprecedented clarity, detail reproduction and edge-to-edge sharpness. With numerous digiscoping solutions, it is also easier than ever to take photos with your smartphone or camera while using your binoculars or spotting scope as a telephoto lens.






KOWA in short:

• Absolute top-quality binoculars and spotting scopes
• 100% fluorite-crystal lenses on flagship models
• Easy digiscoping: taking pictures through the scope with your camera or smartphone
• The brand for birdwatchers, nature lovers, astronomers, plane spotters and researchers
• We offer a 10-year warranty on Kowa products

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