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f Smartoscope Opitcsrail S16 for Swarovski M16
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Smartoscope Opitcsrail S16 for Swarovski M16

The Smartoscope Opticsrail S16 for Swarovski M16 is carefully designed to fit Swarovski PA (16mm) eyepiece rings with a 16mm diameter thread.

Application Smartoscope Opticsrail S16

Smartoscope heeft een reeks Optiekarmen ontwikkeld die speciaal zijn ontworpen voor bepaalde optiekmerken, zoals Kowa, Zeiss, Swarovski PA Rings en Swarovski AR Rings. De Optiekarmen worden gebruikt om de cameralens van een smartphone perfect uit te lijnen met het oculair van de optiek. Deze optiekarmen worden apart verkocht van de Vario-adapter van Smartoscope.

Smartoscope Opticsrail K30

The K30 is the only Opticsrail which is sold together with the Smartoscope Vario adapter. The K30 is designed for universal all brands. Combined with the Smartoscope UR-4, this set-up allows you to connect your smartphone devices to most spotting scopes. This is ideal for people who own a range of spotting scopes with different eyepiece sizes, as you can adjust your settings to suit your device and your situation.

The K30 is also compatible with KOWA items. Simply add the KOWA adapter rings to the K30 to take advantage of the KOWA Smartphone selection when digiscoping.

Smartoscope Opticsrail Z13

The Z13 is carefully designed to fit Zeiss Exolens smartphone rings and other Zeiss digiscoping eyepiece rings with a diameter of 13mm. Available separately from the Smartoscope Vario adapter.

Smartoscope Opticsrail S15

The S15 can be used with Swarovski PA (15mm) eyepiece rings with a diameter of 15mm. Available separately from the Smartoscope Vario adapter.

Smartoscope Opticsrail S16

The S16 is especially designed for owners of Swarovski AR (16mm) eyepiece rings with a 16mm diameter thread. Available separately from the Smartoscope Vario adapter.


  • 1x Smartoscope Opitcsrail S16 for Swarovski M16

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Price incl. VAT: € 29,95

Type:HelpSmartphone Remote Control

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