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f Smartoscope UR-4 Universal adapter ring
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Smartoscope UR-4 Universal adapter ring

The Smartoscope UR-4 Universal adapter ring is used in combination with the Smartoscope Vario adapter. The UR-4 provides an optimal connection between the Smartoscope Vario and eyepieces from a wide range of manufacturers and allows the connection to eyepieces of different sizes.

The four adjustment screws reduce the internal compression ring, which is used to secure the ring to the eyepiece without scratching or damaging the eyepiece. The UR-4 is also supplied with three rubber strips of different thicknesses to make the inner diameter of the adapter as versatile as possible, and to connect it to most eyepieces of all manufacturers. 

The UR-4 is suitable for all smartphones and spotting scopes with an eyepiece diameter of 46 to 63.7 mm.

Application Smartoscope UR-4 Universal Adapter Ring

The optional Smartoscope UR-4 is a high-quality, adjustable eyepiece adapter ring that attaches securely to the K30 optic arm of the Smartoscope Vario-Adapter via a 30 mm thread.
It is the gateway between the Smartoscope adapter and the eyepiece and allows connection to most spotting scope eyepieces from small to large. Four adjusting screws engage the inner compression ring that is used to secure the adapter ring to your eyepiece without damaging or marking the eyepiece cover. The ring includes rubber strips to reduce the inner diameter of the adapter ring for added versatility and compatibility with most eyepieces of all brands.


  • 1x Smartoscope UR-4 Universal adapter ring

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Price incl. VAT: € 69,00

Type:HelpDigiscoping adapter
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