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f Kowa Universal Tripod Bag
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Kowa Universal Tripod Bag

This Tripod Carrying System from the brand Kowa can be used to move your spotting scope including tripod and associated accessories, without having to disconnect everything. This Kowa Tripod Carrying System should not be missed as an accessory to your spotting scope.

When you are spotting birds during a nice walk, you can easily use this backpack. The bag is designed so that when you put your spotting scope down again, you can use your spotting scope, but also all your accessories and provisions can still be reached.


After mounting your spotting scope on the tripod, you can attach the Kowa Tripod Carrying System to the tripod using the two top mounting straps. This allows the bag to stay under the tripod and allows you to attach the 6 x Velcro around two tripods. The Kowa Tripod Carrying System now can be mounted on your back, after which you can stabilize it at the front by attaching the attachment strap at the height of your chest and lightly pulling it on.

When you have found a nice spot you can put down and use your spotting scope. The handy layout allows you to use all the accessories you have brought with you. The bag on the front can be detached from the backpack by releasing the attachment and detach it from the Velcro. This bag is divided into several storage compartments over the entire length, one of which has a zipper. There are also two smaller compartments which can also be closed with a zipper. In the compartment in the middle there is enough storage space to store binoculars.

At the front of the bag is a small compartment and the possibility to slide in a bottle of drinks.

On the inside of this backpack a space has been created which can be closed by means of a diagonal zipper.

Sizes of the backpack:

Height: 42 cm
Width 16 cm from top to 32 cm at the bottom
Depth: 18 cm

Sizes of the detachable bag:

Height: 30 cm
Width: 20 cm
Depth: 8 cm


  • 1x Kowa Universal Tripod Bag

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Price incl. VAT: € 99,00

Type:HelpStay-on bag

Unique in the optics world!


The Japanese Kowa has been long known in the optics world. The brand produces binoculars and spotting scopes from the highest quality. Kowa can match the best brands in the market very well and is regularly tested in various journals.


Clear and bright

Kowa scopes and viewers are ideal for the most demanding users. The strongest light, detail and clarity are very good. There are also various accessories available such as stay-on bags, camera adapters and eyepieces.

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