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f Vortex Razor HD MOA Reticle Eyepiece
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Vortex Razor HD MOA Reticle Eyepiece

This Vortex Razor HD MOA Reticle Eyepiece has been specially developed for the latest generation Razor HD 27-60x85mm Spotting scopes. The Long Eye Relief of this eyepiece is 31mm, which means that you need to keep your eye at a comfortable distance of 31mm from the eyepiece to see a fully filled image. The Vortex Razor HD MOA Reticle Eyepiece has a fixed magnification of up to 22x. A fixed magnification generally results in better image quality.

The Vortex Razor HD MOA Crosshair Eyepiece offers an extremely sharp and clear image thanks to the High Density glass and the special coatings.


You can easily mount the eyepiece on a Razor HD 27-60x85 by first unscrewing the eyepiece that is now in it. You remove the protective caps from the Vortex Razor HD MOA reticle eyepiece and turn the eyepiece in the Vortex Razor HD 27-60x85. Then attach the protective caps to the eyepiece that has just been removed to protect it.
You can turn the upper ring to adjust the diopter. The lower ring can be rotated to sharpen the reticle.

The Vortex Razor HD MOA reticle eyepiece is ideal to use next to your rifle scope. Because the eyepiece has a wide angle, you can see a large part of the environment 22 times magnified, which is ideal to find a target. When you go hunting together, you can jointly look for a target. Once a target has been found, it can easily be passed on to the shooter.

The reticle

The reticle used in the Vortex Razor HD MOA Reticle oculair works with the MOA unit. If you are more interested in the MRAD version, you can find it in the accessories, which you will find below.


This eyepiece is specially designed for use with the latest generation, Razor HD 27-60x85wa Spotting sscopes from Vortex. This eyepiece is not compatible with the 50mm and 65mm Razor HD models.

Lifetime warranty

Vortex unconditionally guarantees a well-functioning product, for life. You can count on the best quality products, with a very detailed finish. In the unlikely event of a defect, you will be covered by the VIP guarantee.


  • 1x Vortex Razor HD MOA Reticle Eyepiece
  • 1x Microfiber cleaning/carry pouch
  • 2x Lens covers
  • 1x Manual
  • 1x Colour packaging

This item is supplied on demand. Contact us for the delivery time.
Contact us for the delivery time.

Price incl. VAT: € 459,00

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 The people of Vortex are in optics since 1986. It is currently one of the few companies in this industry that is still owned and run by a family. All products are designed and manufactured to exacting specifications. Inspection of products and services are controlled from the modern building in Middleton, Wisconsin (USA). The company has an extensive optical range for birding, shooting, hunting and archery.

One of the things that Vortex Optics unique is the VIP warranty that applies to many of their products. VIP is in this for "Very Important Promise". Here they make a promise to the customer ie, "Unconditional Lifetime Warranty, whatever happened, where it is bought."

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