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f Kowa Spotting Scope TSN-883 - Digiscoping Set
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Kowa Spotting Scope TSN-883 - Digiscoping Set

The Kowa Spotting Scope TSN-883 - Digiscoping Set is a unique combination that lets you get right down to business in the wonderful world of digiscoping. Digiscoping means taking photos and videos with a digital camera or smartphone through a spotting scope, binoculars or telescope. In this way, it is possible to enlarge the object even further and achieve amazing results. The best results are achieved when using a tripod, so that all movements are reduced to a minimum.

The Kowa TSN-883 is an incredibly solid and clear spotting scope. The pure Fluorite Crystal used in these models is the optimum optical material to reduce chromatic aberration, providing the ultimate viewing experience. The large 88mm lens makes it possible to observe at dusk and at sunrise. Made of magnesium, the Kowa Spotting Scope TSN-883 has an advanced moulding process that makes it feel like metal, but is lighter than its rivals. This makes the Kowa TSN-883 indispensable during observations. The robust magnesium body can withstand the toughest conditions, is waterproof and filled with dry nitrogen gas to prevent fogging of the lens.

"Prominar" Lens

Chromatic aberration occurs due to the diffusion of light and the different wavelengths of light that concentrate at different positions, which can result in a red or purple border around the subject. The optimal optical material to minimize chromatic aberration is Fluorite Crystal. For the convex lens of the TSN-883/884, a Fluorite Crystal with extremely low dispersion characteristics is used. Instead of an ordinary optical glass lens, the hollow lens in combination with the Fluorite Crystal lens is made of glass with special dispersive properties to further reduce chromatic aberration.This combination virtually eliminates chromatic aberration and redefines the standards for color brilliance.

Fluorite crystal is only used in the top models of Kowa.

Key features Kowa TSN-883 Prominar:

  • Dual focus mechanism (Quick and fine focusing)
    This fast focus, with a large and easy-to-turn knob, will focus in two revolutions from infinity to five meters. The fine focus, with smooth movements and precise precision, is extremely useful at high magnifications and for digiscoping.
  • Eyepiece lock mechanism
    The eyepiece bayonet mount now has an attractive feature. An eyepiece locking mechanism has been added to the holder to prevent the eyepiece from being lost or unexpectedly falling out.
  • Magnesium alloy body
    The body is made of a magnesium alloy, an advanced casting process, so it feels and has at least as much power as a traditional metal housing. However, the weight has been greatly reduced compared to other spotting scopes with the same diameters. This body allows it to withstand the toughest conditions and provides confidence and a sense of security.
  • Fluorite crystal
    The fluorite used as an optical lens is an artificially propagated monocrystal with "ultra-low dispersion", a property that ordinary optical glass does not have. It is an ideal lens material that almost completely eliminates chromatic aberration (colour blur). The fluorite crystal produced by the advanced processing technology Kowa has built up over the years guarantees the ultimate viewing experience.
  • Compact
    The design of the telephoto lens with 5 lens elements in 4 groups has successfully shortened the overall length while maintaining a large diameter lens without compromising optical performance. The use of an inner focusing system has made the prism box light and compact, while at the same time reducing the amount of image movement compared to conventional prism focusing systems.
  • 10-year warranty
  • Main features Kowa Zoom Eyepiece 25x-60x TE-11WZ:

    • 2 XD-Lenses
      This eyepiece is a novelty, as it contains no less than two XD lenses. As a result, the images are displayed with excellent sharpness, even at 60x magnification. Chromatic aberration is also reduced to an absolute minimum. The TE-11WZ delivers a 20% wider image than its predecessor.
    • Twist Up eyepiece
      Suitable for both spectacle and non-spectacle wearers.
    • Waterproof
      The eyepiece is waterproof when mounted.

    Application Kowa TSN-DA4 and TSN-DA10:

    Use the telepower of your Kowa spotting scope by adding the compact camera digiscoping adapter TSN-DA4. After just a few moments of alignment between spotting scope and camera, your digital compact camera can be used for high quality shooting, super-telephoto or video. By using the large, clear lens of your Kowa spotting scope in combination with the magnification of your Kowa eyepiece, not only can you achieve telephoto performance not achieved by any conventional camera lens, but the design is also lighter and much more compact.

    Look at the video on the right to see how easy this is.

    • You unscrew the twist-up from the TE-11WZ eyepiece after which you can screw on the inner ring of the TSN-DA10 adapter ring.

    • Now turn the screw back slightly on the outer ring and attach the outer ring to the TSN-DA4.

    • After the camera has been mounted on the TSN-DA4 the whole thing can be mounted on the spotting scope. 

    • A special link wire allows you to take photos and videos without moving the setup.

    The TSN-DA4 has a rotatable design, which means that you can easily rotate your digital camera away from the eyepiece to use the spotting scope for normal viewing, after which you can rotate it back to take a picture or record a video.

    This versatile adapter is suitable for most digital compact cameras via the tripod thread. Horizontal and vertical adjustments can be made to perfectly align your camera with the eyepiece, the TSN-DA4 also has a built-in fully adjustable mechanical shutter release cable so that all movements are minimized to achieve the best residual results.


  • 1xKowa Spotting Scope Body TSN-883
  • 1x TE-11WZ 25-60x Zoom Eyepiece
  • 1x Lens cap
  • 1x Protective cap eyepiece holder
  • 2x Protective cap Eyepiece
  • 1x Digiscoping Adapter TSN-DA4
  • 1x Digiscoping Adapter TSN-DA10
  • 1x Manual

In stock

Price incl. VAT: from € 3.496,00 for € 2.995,00

Article number:Help2346
Magnification:Help25x - 60x
Diameter Objective:Help88 mm
Filter Thread:Help95 mm
Lens type:HelpFluorite
Use:HelpTravel, Hunting, Birdwatching, Plane spotting, Astronomy
Exit pupil:Help3,5 mm (25x) ~ 1,5 mm (60x)
Lenscoating:HelpFully Multi Coated
Glass material:HelpBaK-4
Length:Help34.3 cm
Weight:Help1900 gram
Warranty:Help10 years
Brightness:Help12.3 (20x) ~ 2.3 (60x)
Twilight Factor:Help46.9 (20x) ~ 72.7 m (60x)
Field of view at 1000m:Help42.0 m (20x) ~ 23.0 m (60x)
Focusing:HelpCourse- and fine-tuning
Close focus distance:Help5 meters

Unique in the optics world!


The Japanese Kowa has been long known in the optics world. The brand produces binoculars and spotting scopes from the highest quality. Kowa can match the best brands in the market very well and is regularly tested in various journals.


Clear and bright

Kowa scopes and viewers are ideal for the most demanding users. The strongest light, detail and clarity are very good. There are also various accessories available such as stay-on bags, camera adapters and eyepieces.

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