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f SmokeGENIE Replacement Smoke Chamber
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SmokeGENIE Replacement Smoke Chamber

 This capsule is a consumable for the SmokeGENIE and will last at least 100 session. In the optional accessories you will find the complete SmokeGENIE kit. It comes standard with two capsules. The supplied case has room for up to four capsules. You fill the capsule of the SmokeGENIE with special SmokeGENIE liquid (see optional accessories). It holds 9 ml of SmokeGENIE fluid in the capsule, enough for an average of 15 minutes of smoke production. The capsule of the SmokeGENIE gets warm during use. When the plastic cap of the capsule turns from purple to orange, the capsule is too hot to touch.


Application SmokeGENIE Spare Smoke Capsule

Despite the fact that a capsule lasts a minimum of 100 sessions, there comes a time when it needs to be replaced. The SmokeGENIE indicates this on the built-in display. If you want to make sure you can produce smoke anytime, anywhere, take spare capsules with you in your SmokeGENIE's case. The case holds up to four. You can pre-fill them with liquid if desired. That way there is always a capsule ready for use.


  • 1x SmokeGENIE capsule
  • 1x Storage case with lid
  • 1x Packaging

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Price incl. VAT: € 67,95


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