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f Linkstar Studio Flash Set LFK-1000D Digital with Octabox OSB-140LSR
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Linkstar Studio Flash Set LFK-1000D Digital with Octabox OSB-140LSR

Besides the Linkstar Studio Flash Set LFK-1000D Digital, this Combi also contains 2 Linkstar Octaboxes, model OSB-140LSR.

Linkstar Studio Flash Set LFK-1000D Digital with Octabox OSB-140LSR

The Linkstar flash kit LFK-1000D is a very complete flash kit for the professional user. Supplied are two Linkstar LF-1000D studio flashes with 1000Ws flash power each. The studio flashes provide a range of possibilities: quick charging time, robust metal housing, professional S-type bayonet connection for accessories, fan cooling and a built-in slave receiver. Thanks to the digital display, the studio flashes can be adjusted accurately. The modeling lamps can be turned on and off and can be adjusted proportional with the flash power. Furthermore, the studio flashes have an auto dump function. This means that when the output power is reduced, the power will automatically be discharged.

Possibilities Linkstar Flash Kit LFK-1000D

The studio flashes can be mounted on every light stand. On the S-type bayonet connection, a wide variety of accessories can be mounted such as soft boxes, beauty dishes and a barn door set. The S-type bayonet connection is compatible with a number of other brands such as Bowens. The foot includes an umbrella holder for the supplied umbrella. For other accessories, see: "Optional Accessories".

When you want to see all accessories which are available for this studioflash, please click here.

Linkstar Octabox OSB-140LSR Ø140 cm

The Linkstar OSB-140LSR Octabox has a diameter of 140 cm and can be mounted on your studio flash unit with the included speed ring. The studio flash head sits deep in the octabox, which ensures minimal loss of light and provides an even spread of soft lighting.

The OSB-140LSR is complete with a standard Linkstar speed ring, which is compatible with the Linkstar LL-D, LL, LF and FS series studio flash units. The Linkstar speed ring is further compatible with Bowens, StudioKing, Lastolite, Jinbei, Qihe, and Aurora studio flash units. By using an additional speed ring adapter, the OSB-140LSR is also compatible with Falcon Eyes, Broncolor, Elichrom, Hensel and Multiblitz studio flash units. To view these speed ring adapter rings, please see the optional accessories tab below.

*The following link provides an explanation of how to set up your octabox: How to set up an Octabox

These softboxes are not suitable for halogen lamps, (such as the Linkstar LQ-1000), due to the high heat generation of these lamps. The soft boxes from the Linkstar LQA series are suitable for such types of lamps.


  • 2 x Linkstar studio flash LF-1000D
  • 2 x Linkstar light stand LS-806 (114-260cm)
  • 1 x Linkstar umbrella PUR-102T (Translucent, 102cm)
  • 1 x Linkstar softbox RS-80100 (80 x 100cm)
  • 2 x Flash tube
  • 2 x Modeling lamp
  • 1 x Reflector ? 18 cm
  • 1 x Protection cap, convenient for transport
  • 2 x Flash synchronization cable
  • 2 x Power cable
  • Colored box

In stock

Price incl. VAT: from € 602,90 for € 599,00

Article number:Help2567
Type:HelpStudio flash unit
Flash power (Ws):Help1000
Series:HelpLF (Linkstar)
Adjustability flash unit:HelpStepless, 1/32 to full
Adjustability modelling lamp:HelpFull / Proportional with flash power / off
Socket modelling lamp:HelpE27
Color temperature:Help5500 Kelvin
Ready indication:HelpIndication through LED and beeper (can be switched off )
Slave receiver:HelpBuilt-in, can be switched on and off
Guide number ISO100:Help98
Cooling fan:HelpFan cooling
Digital display:HelpWith digital display
Accessory connection:HelpLinkstar/Bowens S-bayonetaansluiting
Power modelling lamp (Watts):Help250
Recharging time:Help1 - 4 seconds
Flash duration:Help1/700 sec.

Linkstar's assortment consists of a complete range of studio lighting and accessories to take the perfect picture. From studio strobes to LED lighting and from reflection screens to backdrops, Linkstar offers all the accessories you need as a photographer in your studio. Most products feature an S-bajonet (Bowens) connection, allowing accessories from many other brands to be easily combined with Linkstar lights.






LINKSTAR in short:

• Extensive range of photo equipment for the (semi-)professional and hobbyist
• Everything you need in your studio such as lighting, background paper and lamp accessories
• Modern line of LED lighting including bi-color soft-lamps and compact LED fresnel lamps
• Compatible with many other brands because of S-bajonet (Bowens) connection
• We offer a 2 year warranty on Linkstar products