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f StudioKing Slave Flash FC-45 E27 45Ws
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StudioKing Slave Flash FC-45 E27 45Ws

The Studioking FC-45 is a 45 Watt-second strong slave flash with E27 thread connection. The FC-45 is equipped with a built-in slave receiver: an eyelet that allows the flash to react to other flashes. The slave function can detect other flashes up to a distance of about 15m (without obstacles).

Using the rotary knob you can adjust the power of the torch. The color temperature of the light is approximately 5500 to 6000K, or daylight. By means of the Ready light you can see when the flash is charged again. The charging time is approximately 1 to 3 seconds, depending on the set power. You can also set the light in advance by using the test button. Using the 'P. Cell' button you can disable the slave function, so that the flash will not react to other flashes.

E27 connection
On the underside, the unit is equipped with an E27 connection. This allows you to connect the flash to the standard E27 lamp holders. The lamp holder is not included; it is available as an option.

Usage with other flash units
When multiple studio flash units are used, it is common to connect one flash unit to your camera using a cable or wireless trigger set. The other flash units (such as this Studioking FC-45) can then flash automatically using the slave function.

Application Studioking FC-45

You can use the flash as a background flash to create extra light or, for example, to flash away shadows. The FC-45 can be used for product or portrait photography, for example. You can fire the flash using the slave function, a 3.5mm sync cable (not included) or on the device itself using the test button. To soften or control the light, you can use a variety of accessories, such as a softbox, honeycomb, snoot or flash umbrella (see optional accessories). Using adapter rings, you can also attach accessories with a Bowens connection to the flash.


  • 1x StudioKing Slave Flash FC-45 E27 45Ws

In stock

Price incl. VAT: € 27,95

Article number:Help572731
Type:HelpSlave flash unit
Flash power (Ws):Help45
User:HelpAmateur, Professional
Color temperature:Help5500 (+/- 200K)
Ready indication:HelpIndication trough LED
Slave receiver:HelpBuilt-in, can be switched on and off
Guide number ISO100:Help0
Cooling fan:HelpNo fan cooling
Digital display:HelpWithout digital display
Weight:Help320 grams
Power modelling lamp (Watts):Help45Ws
Flash duration:Help2-3 seconds


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