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f Guide Thermal Imaging Attachment TA450 with Adapter 38-46mm
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Guide Thermal Imaging Attachment TA450 with Adapter 38-46mm

The Guide TA450 with Adapter 38-46mm consists of a thermal imaging rifle attachment and supporting adapter ring to attach the thermal clip-on to your rifle scope. This allows you to change your optical rifle scope from, for example, Vortex or Swarovski to a thermal imaging rifle scope. This set is suitable for riflescopes with an outer diameter of 38 to 46mm on the front.

The advantage of a thermal rifle scope? During the day you can use your own razor-sharp rifle scope and at night you have a thermal image. So you can easily follow moving animals at night that you would never have been able to see with your own rifle scope in the dark. In addition, you can quickly connect and disconnect the clip-on from your rifle scope. The TA450 itself has no reticle, so you use the reticle of your rifle scope.

Is my rifle scope suitable?
In order to know if you can use this set with your own rifle scope, it is important that you know the diameter of your rifle scope. You measure the outer diameter at the front of your rifle scope, i.e. where you slide the thermal attachment onto the rifle scope. If the rifle scope has an outer diameter of 38 to 46mm - and everything in between - you can use this set. If your rifle scope has a larger outside diameter, you can find sets with other adapter rings (48-54mm and 56-64mm) with the optional accessories. Because you are looking through your rifle scope on the digital screen of the Guide TA450, the thermal attachment is particularly suitable for rifle scopes with magnifications of up to about 5x.

How do I attach the thermal clip-on to my rifle scope?
• Screw the Guide TA450 clip-on into the thread of the adapter ring
• Remove the white sticker from the gray, jagged strip
• Stick the protective strip with the adhesive edge around the casing of your rifle scope
• Place the correct diameter adapter strip on the inside of the ring (diameter is mentioned on that black strip)
• Pull the adapter ring slightly apart and attach it securely around your rifle scope to the protective strip
• Use the screw to tighten the washer so that the whole unit remains securely in place

Color palettes and scene mode
You can select four thermal color palettes: White Hot, Black Hot, Red Hot and Green Hot. You can also adjust the contrast of the environment to your own preference. You can also select a scene-mode that best suits the situation: forest, snow, desert and city mode. The image is then automatically adjusted to the surroundings. In addition, the unique Hot Track function allows you to 'point out' the hottest object on the screen with an indicator. With this you can, for example, easily track moving game.

Application Guide TA450 Thermal Attachment with Adapter (38-46mm)

This set is suitable for every user who wants to change his rifle scope (with outer diameter 38 to 46mm) into a thermal rifle scope. During the day you can simply use your own rifle scope. When it gets too dark, connect the thermal attachment and you will have a thermal image. The Guide TA450 can be connected and disconnected quickly and safely.


  • 1x Thermal Imaging Clip-On Attachment TA450
  • 1x Adapter ring A for rifle scope 38-46mm
  • 1x Set of protective strips for your rifle scope
  • 1x Set of diameter adapters
  • 1x Screw mount
  • 1x Eyepiece cap (for handheld use)
  • 1x Universal battery charger
  • 1x MicroUSB cable
  • 1x Video-out cable
  • 1x Carrying case
  • 1x Quick start guide
  • 1x Warranty card
  • 1x Foam-filled packaging

In stock

Price incl. VAT: from € 3.339,00 for € 3.299,00

Item Number:Help2455
Type:HelpClip-on attachment(Clip-on)
Detector type:Help400x300 TEC metal encapsulated (17 micron)
Display quality:Help1024x768 OLED (full-color)
Refresh rate:Help50 Hz
Lens diameter:Help50mm
Scene modes:HelpScouting, Forest mode, Desert mode, City mode, Snow mode
Type of image focus:HelpManual focus, Auto-focus
Field of view:Help7,5 x 5,6 degrees
Detection distance:HelpLong-range (max. 1.500m), Ultra Long-range (> 1.500m)
Color palettes:HelpWhite hot, Black hot, Red hot, Green hot
Usage time:Help> 3,5 hours
Reticles:HelpNo (you are using reticle from your optical rifle scope)
Digital zoom:Help1x / 2x / 3x / 4x
Other functionalities:HelpAdjustable contrast, Adjustable brightness
Weight:Help450 grams
Dimensions:Help178 x 62 x 58mm
Mounts included?:HelpYes: adapter ring 38-46mm
Power supply:Help2x CR123 battery (not included)
Working Temperature:Help-30 to +50 degrees Celsius
Water and impact resistance:HelpIP67 (shock-resistant, submersible)
Warranty:Help2 years