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f FLIR Scout TK Thermal Imaging Camera
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FLIR Scout TK Thermal Imaging Camera

The FLIR Scout TK is the most compact and lightweight monocular thermal imaging camera available on the market. You don't see it? The Scout TK sees it! This thermal imaging camera makes it possible to detect heat up to a distance of 100 meters. This model contains all the high-quality components of the other FLIR thermal imagers, but is designed to be available for people on a more limited budget. The Scout TK gives a clear and sharp picture from early morning to late evening, and in the middle of the night. Because infrared heat is used, the image is always the same, both during the day and in complete darkness. The unit is so compact that it fits easily in one hand and can also be operated with just one hand. Thanks to the very accessible price, the Scout TK is also affordable for security guards, emergency services, customs officials, hikers, safari, farmers, yachtsmen and paintball. See "optional accessories" to see all the accessories for this Scout TK.

Difference with night vision devices

The advantage over night vision equipment is that with thermal imaging equipment you can easily see whether something (or someone) is in the woods. It also gives you the opportunity, for example, to see heat traces. Think of a recently driven car or a handprint on a certain object. No light is needed at all to have a clear image with a thermal imaging camera.

InstAlert function

The Scout TK is also equipped with the so-called "InstAlert" technology. With the push of a button only the warmest object is displayed in red. How you want the warmest object to be displayed is entirely up to you! Choose from seven different colour palettes (see specifications). This makes it very easy to follow the desired target.

Unique features:

• Brightness adjustable
• Battery life: 5-7 hours
• Pocket-size dimensions


  • 1x FLIR Scout TK Thermal Imaging Camera
  • 1x Eyepiece cup
  • 1x Lens Cap
  • 1x Neck lanyard
  • 1x USB (power) cable
  • 1x Manual
  • 1x Full-color packaging

In stock

Price incl. VAT: € 659,00

Item Number:Help13431800
Type:HelpMonocular (for 1 eye)
Detector type:Help160x120 VOx (17µm)
Display quality:Help640x480 LCD
Lens diameter:Help13,5mm
Observation modes:HelpScouting
Type of image focus:HelpFixed Focus
Field of view:Help20x16
Detection distance:HelpClose range (max. 200m)
Usage:HelpNature observations, Private use (general)
Color palettes:HelpInstAlert, White Hot, Black Hot, Rainbow, Glowbow, Graded Fire, Lava, Iron, Ice-Fire
Storage capacity:HelpUp to 1,000 photos or 4 hours of video
Refresh Rate:Help9 Hz
Recording Functionality:HelpYes (on the camera itself)
Weight:Help170 grams
Dimensions:Help100 x 38 x 38 mm
Power supply:HelpInternal Li-Ion battery (charging cable included)
Working Temperature:Help-20 to +40 degrees Celsius
Water and impact resistance:HelpIP67 (submersible) | Resistant to a 1m fall on concrete
Warranty:Help3 years with registered product | 10 year warranty on the detector

FLIR, de marktleider op het gebied van infraroodcamera's

Wat ook uw infraroodtoepassing is, samen met FLIR bieden wij u de juiste oplossing! Sinds de opkomst van de eerste IR thermografie-toepassingen onderging de infrarood technologie een ware revolutie. Warmtebeeldcamera's worden nu o.a. gebruikt in de jacht, maar ook ter controle van elektrische installaties, warmteafgifte bij automatisering, etc.

Voordelen van warmtebeeldkijkers

Thermische beelden tonen een oververhitte aansluiting die met het blote oog niet waar te nemen is.
Het voordeel van warmtebeeldcamera’s ten opzicht van nachtkijkers is dat deze bijvoorbeeld ook overdag heel goed gebruikt kunnen worden. Wanneer een persoon of dier in het struikgewas zit of bij mist is deze met een warmtebeeldcamera goed te zien.

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