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f StudioKing Boompole Stick LBPS-158 Telescopic Retractable 63-158 cm
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StudioKing Boompole Stick LBPS-158 Telescopic Retractable 63-158 cm

The StudioKing LBPS-158 is a telescopically retractable boompole with a maximum length of 158 centimeters. Thanks to the two soft handles, it's no problem to use the LBPS-158 boompole for a long period of time. You easily attach a flash, LED lamp, softbox, microphone or other accessory to the spigot with 1/4 " male screw thread. Now you can highlight the subject from any angle or record the sound from the perfect spot.

Three sections LBPS-158 boompole

Thanks to the three sections, which you can adjust on two points, you can choose the ideal length. The minimum length is 63 centimeters. With the LBPS-158 comes a Torx screwdriver to tighten the adjustment points more securely.

Attach the LBPS-158 to a screw thread

On the underside of the LBPS-158 there is a 3/8 " female screw thread. This makes it possible to mount the boom pole on a tripod, wall mount or other base.

Usage LBPS-158

The LBPS-158 boompole is ideal for using a light source or microphone from any angle. For ENG productions, the microphone of the sound-engineer can be mounted on the boom pole. This allows the microphone to be kept out of sight of the camera, but still record the sound well. Or what about the use of the LBPS-158 with a battery-powered flash? Ideal for photoshoots on location.

Estate agents and drones

Nowadays it's very easy to make beautiful recordings with a drone, for example, of a house you want to sell. What many people do not know is that the use of a drone in cities is not allowed. The LBPS-158 boompole is a good alternative. When you fully extend the LBPS-158 and hold it high above your head, you easily reach a height of four meters. This creates beautiful photos with bird's eye view of the subject.


  • 1x LBPS-158 Light Boom
  • 1x Bag
  • 1x Torx key

This product has a limited stock.

Price incl. VAT: € 29,95

Article number:Help571635
Sections Ø (mm):Help24, 20, 16
Maximum load weight:Help2 KG
Minimal arm length:Help63 cm
Maximal arm length:Help158 cm
Diameter screw thread:Help1/4"


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