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f Gizomos Flexible Table Tripod with Ball Head GP-03ST
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Gizomos Flexible Table Tripod with Ball Head GP-03ST

The GP-03ST from Gizomos is a flexible tripod for your DSLR camera. The three rubber feet are easy to bend in any position and provide a reliable, robust base for your camera. In contrast to other flexible tripods on the market, the legs of the GP-03ST are extra flexible and can be literally bend in any shape. You only pay a fraction of the price of conventional flex tripods. While developing the GP-03ST, Gizomos used a material that is very easy to bend and at the same time always retains its last shape. This way you can work carefree and you have more time to make a good picture. Cameras up to three kilos are suitable, so even the most advanced DSLR cameras can now be used anywhere.

GP-03ST in practice

When you go out with your camera it can be quite a hassle to bring a full tripod. A table tripod is workable in some cases, but what if there is no flat surface on location? The GP-03ST is the solution. You simply clamp it around a tree, place it on a rock or wind its legs around a fence. The legs are fully equipped with a rough structure, for an even better grip. The spreading position of the legs can be adjusted in two positions by turning the red ring. On top of the GP-03ST is a 1/4 inch male thread, which makes the tripod suitable for almost every camera. The optional accessories tab include an adapter nipple with 3/8 inch thread. When the legs are collapsed the total height is 31 cm. The GP-03ST has a weight of only 278 grams.

Usage GP-03ST

For anyone who makes videos on location regularly, the GP-03ST is a must-have. The flexible usage makes it possible to make stable shots in almost every situation. Consider, for example, filming a vlog. Your DSLR and compact camera can be connected directly to the GP-03ST. For smartphones we have a special adapter, which you can view at the optional accessories. The exchangeable headset has a special notch, allowing you to make vertical images in addition to horizontal ones.



  • 1x GP-03ST flexible table tripod
  • 1x Full color packaging

In stock

Price incl. VAT: € 19,95

Brand:HelpBenel Photo
Type:HelpTable Tripods
Usage:HelpReflex camera, Compact camera, Spotting scope/Telescope, Binoculars, Video camera
Collapsed height (cm):Help31
Spread (cm):Help34
Load weight (kg):Help3
Tripod weight (kg):Help0.28
Diameter Legs (mm):Help18

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