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f Matin Selfie Pod with Mini Tripod SA10
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Matin Selfie Pod with Mini Tripod SA10

The Matin SA10 set consists of a robust MS220 tripod, a selfie stick, the BS1 Bluetooth remote control and a separate CR3 smartphone adapter. This makes the SA10 suitable for (DSLR) cameras, camcorders and smartphones. Thanks to the maximum width of 9 cm, almost all smartphones are suitable for the CR3. The sturdy clip ensures that your smartphone is securely in place. The rubber ends provide more grip and prevent damage. The ring around the 1/4 "thread is also provided with rubber to protect your (DSLR) camera or camcorder. The additional selfie stick consists of five sections and is easy to extend and secure by the twist-and-lock system. The BS1 Bluetooth remote control is very easy to use, with one circuit it is switched on and it seeks direct contact with surrounding devices. When it is linked, you can take photos remotely at the touch of a button.

High quality SA10

When you remove the MS220 from the packaging, it immediately becomes clear that this is a very solid and professional table tripod. The metal ball head has a rough profile, which makes it possible to secure the head securely in any position. The legs have a coating, which prevents the tripod from shifting unintentionally. The selfie stick has a handle with grip and a wristband so that it almost impossible to slide out of your hand and fall. The BS1 comes a holder on the selfie stick so you won’t lose it. The CR3 has rubber anti-slip plates in the clamp, which provides extra security for your phone.

Application SA10

Are you a creative photographer or do you like to vlog? Then the SA10 is a nice accessory for you. On holiday you never have to ask someone to take a picture of your family: by means of the tripod you simply place your camera or smartphone on a table or wall. The SA10 also comes in handy when recording a vlog; the tripod and the self-stick are easy to move and the angle of the headset can be adjusted quickly, so you are always in the picture. The height is also adjustable: by adjusting the angle of the legs, it can be adjusted between 13.3 and 17.5 cm for the tripod and between 32.5 and 98 cm for the selfie-stick. The selfie stick gives you the option to make a fun selfie anytime and anywhere. In addition, the selfie stick can also be attached to the MS220, giving you more room to play with the height of your photos. With the help of the BS1 you can easily take photos with Bluetooth. On the front of the smartphone adapter is a separate 1/4 inch screw thread, on which you can attach  an LED lamp or external microphone for example. For this you can use a Magic Arm, view them with the optional accessories.


  • 1x Selfie Stick
  • 1x CR3 Smartphone Cradle
  • 1x Bluetooth Shutter
  • 1x MS220 Mini Tripod
  • 1x English User Manual

In stock

Price incl. VAT: € 35,95

Type:HelpTable Tripods
Usage:HelpReflex camera, Compact camera
Minimal height (cm):Help32.5
Maximum height (cm):Help98
Spread (cm):Help20
Tripod weight (kg):Help0.310
Material:HelpAluminium, Syntetic

MATIN is the brand for numerous small photo accessories. The South Korean brand has been sold in Europe for decades and can be found in almost every Dutch and Belgian photo store. The assortment includes many useful accessories for your photo and video camera. From lens caps to sunshades and from cleaning items to even smartphone accessories; all small but indispensable accessories can be found at Matin.




MATIN in short:

• A complete range of handy little photo accessories
• Low-cost but indispensable line
• Lens caps, sunshades and much more
• A well-known name in the Benelux for more than ten years