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f Triggertrap Mini Table Tripod Red 73-200mm
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Triggertrap Mini Table Tripod Red 73-200mm

The Triggertrap Mini Table Tripod is the perfect tripod when you’re searching for a tripod on your table top. With a minimum height of just 7.3 cm and a maximum height of 20 cm the tripod is an ideal option when you need a mini tripod which you need to use in different ways. The ¼ male spigot is a standard spigot so you can mount anything to it with a ¼ female spigot with any further accessories. For example you can mount your camera on the tripod when you need it to be very steady for filming or photographing on a table or any other surface. In short, it’s a tripod you’ll need to have in your bag at any time!


When it’s folded the tripod is just 16.3 cm it will fit in almost every bag. Which also makes the tripod very suitable for when you’re vlogging. It even lets you bring your camera flashes closer to the object you’re filming or photographing, without you having to make impossible manoeuvres. You can adjust the ball head till a maximum of 90°. This tripod has the ideal length for our Foldio360.


  • Triggertrap Mini Table Tripod Red 73-200mm

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Price incl. VAT: from € 5,95 for € 2,95

Type:HelpTable Tripods
Usage:HelpReflex camera, Compact camera
Minimal height (cm):Help7.3 cm
Maximum height (cm):Help20 cm
Collapsed height (cm):Help16.3 cm
Load weight (kg):Help2 kg
Tripod weight (kg):Help0.120 kg
Material:HelpSyntetic, Metal

Creative ways of triggering your camera!

The company Triggertrap was founded in 2011 through crowd funding. The English company offers a wide range of intelligent solutions to connect your smartphone with your (D)SLR.

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