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Benel and the Environment

Sustainability encompasses more than you might initially think. It's not just about our work processes, but also about the products themselves. And, of course, the way Benel makes company-wide choices. Big and small choices that make a big difference when combined. Together with you as a customer, we are working towards a better world for this and future generations.

Below, you can read about what we do exactly:

1 package, shipped twice

Benel reuses packaging as much as possible. This also applies to the filling material, such as bubble wrap. The filling material we use is made of mostly recycled paper. As a customer, you can easily recycle it by separating it as waste. Even better, you can reuse it in another package.



Generating our own power

Benel's office and warehouse run on 100% solar energy generated by our own solar panels. There's more than enough space for them on the roof of our 3100 m2 warehouse. This allows us to save thousands of kilograms of CO2 emissions annually.

Sustainable location

From lights that are automatically turned off to extra good insulation, Benel's building in Hoogeveen is designed to be more sustainable. Our employees never throw away products that can still be used. Take a look at the clearance section and make a sustainable choice.



Delivery of your order

We deliver your order in as few packages as possible, reducing the amount of packaging materials and minimizing the distance traveled by the delivery driver. You will receive the invoice digitally by default, reducing printing. The packages we send out are mostly delivered by DPD. Their delivery process is 100% climate-neutral through reduction and compensation, and they are increasingly using electric vehicles. This contributes to cleaner air and a better planet.

European certifications

Benel complies with all necessary requirements of certifications in terms of safety and sustainability. The entire product range is guaranteed to have CE and RoHS markings, ensuring that the products are safe and do not contain harmful substances. Our waste is processed in accordance with WEEE directives. Several products also carry the FSC certification, including Nielsen photo frames.