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Trade Show Calendar Benel 2024:

Stop by and chat with our product experts. We'll tell you all about our extensive photo, video, optics, hunting, airsoft, thermal imaging and night vision offerings.

VerrekijkerShop DemoDag

Date: 14 april 2024

Location: Havelte (NL)

Website: www.verrekijkershop.nl

MPN Fotovakbeurs

Date: 15 april 2024

Location: 's-Hertogenbosch (NL)

Website: www.mpnfotovakbeurs.nl

Wadden Vogelfestival

Date: 11 en 12 May 2024

Location: Texel (NL)

Website: www.waddenvogelfestival.nl

Global Birdfair

Date: 12 t/m 14 July 2024

Location: Rutland (UK)

Website: www.globalbirdfair.org


Date: 13 t/m 16 september 2024

Location: Amsterdam (NL)

Website: www.ibc.org


Date: 27 & 28 september 2024

Location: Heilborn (DE)

Website: www.ringfoto.de