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Other Batteries

Batteries and generators are nowadays indispensable for the mobile photographer. Benel has a variety of batteries and generators with different capabilities, which serve different products such as flashes and cameras. Please click on the pictures for more information about these products.

How long does a battery provide my device with power?

You can easily calculate how long a battery provides your camera or LED lamp with power. To do this, take the number of Wh which is displayed in the title of a battery. Divide this number by the number of watts your camera uses. Then you can see how long the battery lasts at his maximum. Extreme circumstances are excluded, such as cold temperatures.

An example: the Rolux RL-230S has a capacity of 230 Wh. The Falcon Eyes SO-68TD consumes a wattage of 68W. 230 divided by 68 is 3.38. Converted to hours and minutes, you can provide the lamp with power for up to 3 hours and 23 minutes.

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