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Previously, photography and optics were seen as costly exercises. Nowadays, professional home studios are very affordable, as are a pair of binoculars or a spotting scope. Benel is one of the largest distributors in photostudio equipment, camera accessories and optical instruments. Their wide range can therefore, be very overwhelming. The following pages contain useful information and advice from Benel regarding a range of their products.




Product Photography

Information about taking product photography and 10 tips on how to improve your product photos.

360 Degree Photography

The future of webshop and product photography! What is 360 degree photography and what is needed?

Studio Photography

Information on studio photography,  replacing a flashtube, the slave function on a studioflash and camera connection plugs.

Macro Photography

A short introduction into Macro Photography. Whicht products and/or accessories do you need?


The most reknown filter types explained. A short explanation on the possibilties and types for every filter.

Passport Photos

 Making Passport photos is a very interesting option for your store, check read more about it.


Information about the fast and extensive printing possiblities of our digital dye-sublimation printers.

Photographing Fireworks 

Fireworks are nice to watch, but it can sometimes be difficult to photograph them nicely. Here we explain how to achieve a beautiful end result.

Setting up an Octabox

The easy way to set up an Octabox or a softbox? Please check this page to find an easy photo manual.



A short introduction into the world of microphones, their use and the different types of microscope that are available at benel

Microphone connections

Information on the compatibility of different types of microphone connections, including XLR and 3.5 mm.

Types of lighting

There are many types of lighting, all with their own advantages. You can work with flashlight, but there are also various types of continuous light. 


Informaton on Binoculars and advice for purchasing the most suitable binoculars for yourself. Futher all important terms will be covered

Kowa Fluorite Crystal

Kowa uses Fluorite Crystal in the top of their Spotting scopes. Here you can read about the quality of this mysterious stone called fluoritel.


Would you like to start applying the technique of digiscoping, but you don't know where to start? This article will help you get started!

Rifle Scopes

Information on the use of the different types of rifle scopes and an explanation on the most important and common terms.


Information on the use of different types of telescopes and an explanation on the most important and common telescope terms

Night Vision

What is Night Vision? What are the differences between the generation types and how far can I view with a night vision?

Thermal Imaging Cameras

A short introduction on the use of thermal imaging cameras and the comparison of Thermal imaging cameras and night vision devices.

Explorer Cases

These waterproof cases are perfect for transporting your camera, camera accessories or optical devices (like binocular or thermal imaging cameras.

Video Manuals

IdPhotos Pro 7; Changing the paper and ribbon of your DS40/DS80; Folding a backgroundboard. 



Connection plug

Use our handy Cable Selector.



Water drop photography

Take the most beautiful water droplet pictures with the help of the Miops Splash. Creative and unique.



Information on the application of the different types of magnifiers and differences between them the different available magnifiers




Make professional product photos quickly and inexpensively, even in 360 degrees.