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360 Degree Product/Webshop Photography

As it is impossible for a consumer to physically touch and inspect a product when shopping online it is essential to give them the most realistic and detailed photos as possible. The MODE360° product photography solution is easy to use and extremely effective in providing realistic images. Our 3-step instructions outline the simplicity of this device.

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When purchasing online, a customer wants to know exactly what he is buying. If he can see the product from all sides, there is little left to be desired! With the 360 degree product photography solutions, you can offer this inexpensively, quickly and effectively in just 3 steps.

Step 1: Photographing

You connect the robot to a PC or laptop via USB. The 360 degree product photography solutions are supplied without a camera; you place a suitable camera in the photo studio or on a tripod at the turntable (it must support Liveview; see the products for a list of compatible cameras). The photo studio and the camera are controlled via the supplied software. The turntable rotates and the camera takes pictures automatically.

Step 2: Editing

Using the supplied software, you can make a 360-degree rendering of the products you have photographed and upload it to your webshop with a single click! The software has the following great features, among others: background correction/removal, cropping, watermark, text, tags with url etc. The software can be set to photograph a subject at least 4 to 380x and even from different angles and the animation can be as detailed as you want it to be. The software then creates an animation file in GIF, HTML5 or Flash Fallback among others. Animations can rotate 360 degrees depending on the preset possibilities and can be tilted up to 90 degrees, so it is possible to rotate the object from left to right and from top to bottom, even while zooming in on an animation (like for example the above animation on this page).

Step 3: Publish

With the click of a button, upload the interactive 360 spin to your website.