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Accessories for Linkstar studio flashes


Article number


Softboxes  561082 Linkstar Softbox RS-6060LSR 60x60 cm
   561084 Linkstar Softbox RS-6090LSR 60x90 cm
   561088 Linkstar Softbox RS-70100LSR 70x100 cm
   561099 Linkstar Softbox RS-80120LSR 80x120 cm
   564410 Linkstar Mega Softbox RSL-100200 100x200 cm
   564331 Linkstar Softbox 60x90 cm LQA-SB6090
   564332 Linkstar Softbox 70x100 cm LQA-SB70100
   564333 Linkstar Softbox 80x80 cm LQA-SB8080
   564334 Linkstar Softbox 80x120 cm LQA-SB80120
   564335 Linkstar Softbox 90x90 cm LQA-SB9090
   564337 Linkstar Softbox 60x90 cm + Honeycomb LQA-SB6090HC
   564339 Linkstar Softbox 90x120 cm + Honeycomb LQA-SB90120HC
   561087 Linkstar Striplight Softbox RS-30120LSR 30x120 cm
   561089 Linkstar Striplight Softbox RS-30160LSR 30x160 cm
   561090 Linkstar Striplight Softbox RS-40180LSR 40x180 cm
   564338 Linkstar Striplight Softbox 35x160 cm + Honeycomb LQA-SB35160HC
   564375 Linkstar Foldable Softbox QSSX-6090 60x90 cm
   564380 Linkstar Foldable Softbox QSSX-7575 75x75 cm
   564381 Linkstar Foldable Softbox QSSX-9090 90x90 cm
   564386 Linkstar Foldable Softbox QSSX-80120 80x120 cm
   564385 Linkstar Foldable Striplight Softbox QSSX-30150 30x150 cm
   564376 Linkstar Foldable Softbox + Honeycomb QSSX-6090HC 60x90 cm
Beauty dishes  561060 Linkstar Beauty Dish LFA-SR400 40 cm
   561065 Linkstar Beauty Dish LFA-SR560 56 cm
   561070 Linkstar Beauty Dish LFA-SR680 68 cm
   564365 Linkstar Foldable Beauty Dish QSSR-70X/S 70 cm
   564367 Linkstar Foldable Beauty Dish QSSR-85X/S 85 cm
 Octaboxes  561076 Linkstar Octabox OSB-90LSR Ø90 cm
   561078 Linkstar Octabox OSB-120LSR Ø120 cm
   561080 Linkstar Octabox OSB-140LSR Ø140 cm
   564340 Linkstar Octabox Ø120 cm + Honeycomb LQA-OSB120HC
   564341 Linkstar Octabox Ø140 cm + Honeycomb LQA-OSB140HC
   564342 Linkstar Octabox Ø90 cm + Honeycomb LQA-OSB90HC
   564390 Linkstar Foldable Octabox QSOB-8 80 cm
   564391 Linkstar Foldable Octabox QSOB-11 110 cm
   564392 Linkstar Foldable Octabox + Honeycomb QSOB-11HC 110 cm
Light shapers  560780 Linkstar Standard Reflector LF-SR19 18 cm
   564320 Linkstar Barndoor Set LQA-BD for Standard 18cm Reflector
   561010 Linkstar Barndoors LFA-BD + 4 Color Filters
   561313 Linkstar Honeycomb 180 mm CHC-1810-3H Grid 5,2 mm
   561020 Linkstar Conical Snoot LFA-CS + Honeycomb
  561030 Linkstar Diffusor Ball LFA-SB300 30 cm
  561040 Linkstar Diffusor Ball LFA-SB400 40 cm
  561040 Linkstar Deep Reflector LFA-R2845 45 Degrees
Various  561098 Linkstar Protection Cap for LF and LL Serie
   561199 Linkstar Sync-Cable S-6303 6,3 mm x 30 cm
   561203 Linkstar Sync Cable S-635 6,3 mm Plug 5 m


For which studio flashes are above accessories suitable?

Below is a list with all Linkstar bayonet flashes which are compatible with above accessories. Bayonet flashes are studio flases on which you can mount accessories through using the bayonet connection. Below you can find all studio flashes with a bayonet connection and all studio flash kits with a bayonet flash inside.

Bayonet flashes
Flash kits with a bayonet flash inside
  Linkstar Flash Kit LLK-600D Digital
Linkstar Flash Head LL-900D Digital Linkstar Flash Kit LLK-900D Digital
Linkstar Flash Head LL-1200D Digital Linkstar Flash Kit LLK-1200D Digital
Linkstar Studio Flash DL-350D Digital Linkstar Studio Flash Kit DLK-2350D Digital
Linkstar Studio Flash DL-500D Digital Linkstar Studio Flash Kit DLK-2500D Digital
Linkstar Flash Head LF-250D Digital Linkstar Flash Kit LFK-250D Digital
Linkstar Flash Head LF-500D Digital Linkstar Flash Kit LFK-500D Digital
Linkstar Flash Head LF-750D Digital Linkstar Flash Kit LFK-750D Digital
Linkstar Flash Head LF-1000D Digital Linkstar Flash Kit LFK-1000D Digital
Linkstar Flash Head LF-400L with LCD Display  
Linkstar Flash Head LF-500L with LCD Display  
Linkstar Flash Head LF-750L with LCD Display  
 Linkstar Flash Head LL-900  
  Linkstar Flash Kit LFK-1000A