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Accessories for Linkstar studio flashes


Article number



561150 Linkstar Softbox RS-4545SA 45x45 cm
  561151 Linkstar Softbox RS-6060SA 60x60 cm
  561152 Linkstar Softbox RS-6090SA 60x90 cm
Light shapers 567550 Linkstar Reflector MTA-SR15 14.5 cm for MT Series
  560240 Linkstar Honeycomb MTA-HC + 4 Color Filters for MT Series
  560241 Linkstar Color Filters 4 pieces MTA-CF for MT Series
  560242 Linkstar Conical Snoot MTA-CS for MT Series
  560243 Linkstar Barndoor MTA-BD for MT Series
  560244 Linkstar Diffusor Ball MT-SB250 for MT Series 25 cm


For which studio flashes are above accessories suitable?

Below is a list with all Linkstar 9,5 cm neck connection flashes which are compatible with above accessories. Neck connection flashes are studio flases on which you can mount accessories through using the neck connection. Below you can find all studio flashes with a neck connection and all studio flash kits with a neck connection flash inside.

Neck flashes
Flash kits with neck flashes inside
Linkstar Studio Flash MT-250D 250Ws Linkstar Compact Flash Kit MTK-2250D
Linkstar Studio Flash MT-150GU 150Ws Linkstar Compact Flash Kit MTGK-3150U
Linkstar Studio Flash MT-160G 160Ws Linkstar Compact Flash Kit MTK-3160G
  Linkstar Compact Flash Kit MTK-3160F